Fur Food Contest Deluxe v0.1

This is the first build of this game, there are a lot of changes in how it works, but please, understand, it is still a very early release of this game, this game still have A LOT to be added in a future.


- 5 more playable cards

- Now you can choose your character and who to play against.

- Characters have always 5 default cards.

What could be coming in the next build update?

 - Different game modes with themed food.

- More playable cards

- Unlock characters and new cards

- Build your character's cards

- New characters!


Fur Food Contest Deluxe 0.1.zip 44 MB
Mar 20, 2023
Fur Food Contest Deluxe 0.1.apk 53 MB
Mar 20, 2023

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I'm sorry for how harsh my last comments might have had turned out. I do have to say though, that I already like this new version of Deluxe much more than first beta, due to being able to select character alone and I am still interested in seeing where this will be going. Fur Food Contest, the original, was a good game, but I'm sure that the more development this gets, the better over original it will become and letting players choose their characters is a step in right direction.

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The AI is way too hard to beat on easy in the normal game.

Edit: Also, nobody can access the image files.

Deleted 134 days ago

Try going on super hard i think the easy and hard difficultys got switched