Soft Fantasies 0.2.9 Android fix

I apologise for all the inconvenients, I finally could fix the android version of this build.

Yes, I was reading to all your comments as always, I believe me, I was doing all I can with the few time I had to fix this, but finally I found a way.

Working with this game in its engine is very difficult, and making builds out of windows are even worse...

This one should work, just ignore the permissons the app will ask, It really doesn't do anything with those.

Thanks for your patiente.


soft fantasies v0.2.9.apk 3 MB
May 28, 2023

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As far as I can tell, Itch doesn't allow users to download prior versions.  I realise you aren't maintaining the android version anymore, but for reasons unknown I can't run the web version at all (just a blank page with no activity).  Would it be possible to provide final versions of the APK, if not here then somewhere else, for us to use?

Thank you! i was waiting for this!

Thank you ziul :3

Thank you