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Soft Fantasies is a furry visual novel focused on the topic of gaining weight. Where you take the role of a little chubby puppy who has just moved to a new place to study in a new academy. In this new life you will find a great variety of characters with different personalities and tastes. You decide what will happen in the end depending on the wide range of decisions to be made for each chapter. Gaining or losing weight. There will be many different endings. Try to get the one that suits you best.

The game contains lots of illustrated scenes, mostly made by me. But im starting to use your donations to get commission to get even more illustrations and new features for you to enjoy!

Q: Is the game an ONLY weight gaining themed visual novel?
A: No, you can loss weight or/and even gain muscle!

Q: Can you avoid NSFW themes and scenes?
A: Yes, you can avoid any kind of NSFW themes on the game if you DO NOT click on a choice that have a "+18" warning around it.

Q: There are a LOT of different characters, Can i interact with each of them?
A: Only the characters that you see in the cover are the ones that you can achieve "relationship" and special events, the other are cameos that my patreon's supporters have as a reward ~

Q: What happen to my save files when i download a new update/build?
A: Your savefiles strores in your appfolder, so, if you download a new build, you just only have to delete the older one and continue playing on the new one, the save should still appear on it.

Updates are uploaded here a week after early release for Patreons, usually i update the game once a month. If you want to support and also have acces to early WIPs of the game and lots of more other rewards, you be a Patreon, i will appreciate it a lot!

Link to my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Ziul_Walls
Link to join to our discord server: https://discord.gg/peVPQmM

Another Note ~
¡El juego tiene múltiple idioma! Puede ser jugado totalmente en español al igual que en inglés.

Updated 8 days ago
Published 13 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android
AuthorZiul Walls
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Tagschubby, Erotic, Fantasy, fat, Furry, Gay, LGBT, Romance, weight-gain
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Latin America


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Este juego es tan hermoso, y los personajes son tan agradables :3

I play on Android and I don't have a pc and the game keeps freezing can you please fix that?

Ziul best boi uwu also I look forward to the next update keep up the good work :D

I like this game,but something is wrong.I play it on Android.however,when I try to save,It just stops.(from page 2-3)can you fix it?(English is not my native language.sorry)

As i mentioned, Android version is very unestable, and that is a common bug, (try not to use so many saves), The best option for this is playing its PC version, it has no bugs ~

Un juego muy bueno y en español!!! Esto es un tesoroo, una maravilla. Me encanta la diversidad de personajes y la historia es muy divertida. Espero con muchisimas ansias la siguiente actualizacion. Les deseo mucha suerte en este emprendimiento. Los amo!! (hablo en plural porque no se si son varios los que trabajan en el juego XD)

Soy sólo yo, y alguna que otra persona que comisiono o hago collabs para una que otra escena ilustrada de las que aparecen de repente ~, y me alegro muchisimo que te haya gustado, Muchas gracias por tu comentario!

Y ademas lo haces solo!! Alguien que le de un premio a este heroe sin capa por favor! Muchos Exitos!!

Uh... I'm sorry, what? My only choices are "athletic is attractive" or "I don't notice bodies"? How about... fat guys are hot as fuck? Why is that not a choice?

Just because of this comment, im adding that third choice on that scene for the next update! ~

Me gustó muchísimo esta novela visual muy bien trabajado! Uwu :pregunta

Cuando saldrá la segunda actualización y cómo será? Hoy empecé a las 3 pm y lo termine a las 7 pm! Muy buena novela me quedé con jugar más de esta cuando saldra la demás parte?

Usualmente saco un nuevo capitulo (con actualizaciones tal cuales como añadir nuevas ilustraciones a previos capitulos o mejoras en el HUD) cada 3-4 semanas aproximadamente, Puedes seguirme en patreon o entrar al servidor de discord que deje en la descripcion para estar al tanto de cuando estás salgan, asi como tambien checar como va el proceso de esto mismo ;3

muchas gracias de verdad que me a gustado mucho esta novela visual! La mejor de todas y el mejor punto es de que puedes jugar en español la mejor de todas las que eh jugado esta es la que me a gustado mucho

This is an amazing vn but everytime i saw the characters i want to laugh because my mind always asking me "where are their clothes?!" 😂 it's really funny. And there are more amazing things in this vn. I Love it!

I mean, less clothes the better right?


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Running windows, crashed whole pc multiple times, and now when it starts the window is all black and stays that way. Also, where are the save files located and have it open in windowed by default?

Android version: "Now Loading" Does it take too much to load? XD

Nevermind, tried it in computer. It was very funny. They are too direct with thier talking. Nice VN. 

Veo que también hablas español. Saludos XD

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Jaja, saludos amigo! y que bien que te haya gustado, en serio me alegra mucho leer este tipo de comentarios n////

Good game but my game froze alot when I tried to save at certain points and the files I load would sometimes take me back to the start.

As i mentioned, android version is very unestable and that are the most common errors, you can avoid some of then if you dont use lots of savefiles. Sorry for that i prommise i will fix it as soon as possible uwu

This game is really great and the art is really cute. Looking forward for future update.

This is a great game in the making. With a very dedicated developer that offers updates at a regular pace. I love the attention to detail and the uplifting spirit and radiates from most chapters of this game. :)