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Soft Fantasies is a furry visual novel focused on the topic of gaining weight. Where you take the role of a little chubby puppy who has just moved to a new place to study in a new academy. In this new life you will find a great variety of characters with different personalities and tastes. You decide what will happen in the end depending on the wide range of decisions to be made for each chapter. Gaining or losing weight. There will be many different endings. Try to get the one that suits you best.

The game contains lots of illustrated scenes, mostly made by me. But im starting to use your donations to get commission to get even more illustrations and new features for you to enjoy!

Q: Is this game an ONLY weight gaining themed visual novel?
A: No, you can loss weight or/and even gain muscle!

Q: Can you avoid NSFW themes and scenes?
A: Yes, you can avoid any kind of NSFW themes on the game if you DO NOT click on a choice that have a "+18" warning around it.

Q: There are a LOT of different characters, Can i interact with each of them?
A: Only the characters that you see in the cover are the ones that you can achieve "relationship" and special events, the other are cameos that my patreon's supporters had as a reward ~ (That rewards are not available now)

Q: What happen to my save files when i download a new update/build?
A: Your savefiles strores in your appfolder, so, if you download a new build, you just only have to delete the older one and continue playing on the new one, the save should still appear on it.

A: Android version is very VERY unnestable, it have a lot of issues that i am constantly trying to fix but its just hard for me to solve it. So i really recommend you to play this on PC where it doesnt have any issue for now. But, if you want to play on adroid, try not to make a lot of saves becuase it seems to be the principal cause of making the game start crashing (After having a lot of savefiles, or saving multiple times on the same slot)

Updates are uploaded here a week after early release for Patreons, usually I update this game once a month. If you want to support and also have acces to early WIPs of the game and lots of more other rewards, you be a Patreon, i will appreciate it a lot!

Edit: After chapter 18, updates are taking (and will take) more than a month due the complexity of the game that it current has, so please be patient! Im not leaving the project, I swear im working on this as much as I can to complete it!

Visit our web page to play this game in your web browser! 


Link to my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Ziul_Walls
Link to join to our discord server: https://discord.gg/peVPQmM

Another Note ~
¡El juego tiene múltiple idioma! Puede ser jugado totalmente en español al igual que en inglés.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(148 total ratings)
AuthorZiul Walls
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Tagschubby, Erotic, Fantasy, fat, Furry, Gay, LGBT, Romance, weight-gain
Average sessionA few hours
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish; Latin America
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityOne button


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Soft Fantasies V 0.2.7 Windows.zip 1,012 MB
Soft Fantasies V 0.2.7 Linux.zip 1,006 MB
Soft Fantasies V 0.2.7 MAC OS.zip 924 MB
Soft Fantasies V 0.2.7.apk 933 MB

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Would be cool to have this on steam. I wouldn't care if ii had to pay for it

Okay so I'm starting the game after a while and I already found a bug the option in the gym always chooses the top no matter what I choose

Do you remember in which chapter?

very early game it was an interaction in the gym between the PC, the blue wolf and the ripped fox where you choose a body type or say it doesn't matter, I miss clicked the top option and I had to go as far as a reinstall to undo the choice loading/closing and reopening the game and restarting didn't work

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Is Pol a dateable character if not make him one IMMEDIATELY he's too cccuuuttteeee

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It took me a whole day to finish this game completely, and the content was so fascinating that I never stopped. I can only say that this work is the only game I have ever played that can make me  so intoxicated! It is a very, very excellent work! The characters are quite cute!

Although there are explicit contents in it, it is not as fierce to show pornography as other 18 plus works. Too much exposure makes people tired. Instead, it is done in a very daily way, and it feels very refreshing. Every day makes people look forward to it. The game gives people more friendship and warmth, rather than greasy erotic feelings.

Although the picture quality is not so delicate, it is enough, giving people a very refreshing feeling and leaving enough room for imagination.

Yes, I always to eat a lot and get fat like the puppy, but I'm constrained by financial difficulties and physical conditions. I'm not fat,actually, I'm little strong.But I thought chubby character is extremely adorable.
The writing is very fresh, everyday and real. I really enjoy my time with every furry character, especially pi.I Increased his favor value to 11!
This fantastic game let me entirely know  Today is a gift, Tomorrow is a mystery.
I will cherish the present life more, Enjoy the Gift!
I really hope I can be as rich as pi! In that case, I will definitely give the greatest financial support, but I am only a college student now, but I will give the greatest spiritual support!
I hope it can be made into an independent game in the future, then I will definitely buy it! ! !

Come on! Love you guys!


thank so much for all your kind words! I really appreciate it :3!

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Any way to get muscle growth added to the time skip?

Speaking of which is 12 the highest we can get muscle?

Could have sworn I got Lacky's number after the slumber party, but that one event still happened with the salesman.


Is there a walkthrough on how to get all the nsfw scenes?

I want to pursue the character of Lacky as a more skinny, muscular character, but the scene in the files is with the character being chubby. Does that mean you have to be chubby to get the scene.


it's not working even on my mac or windows


MacOS doesn't work!

this loooks reallly really good wish i was gay


alr i"ll give it a go

(2 edits)

I got stuck on a part with zac and ziul. Almost like it froze, but I can still Interact with the controls. I've tried exiting the game, and loading a save of the moment. Is there a way to go back to a previous save, or will I have to restart? I'm playing on android, and haven't experienced issues until now.

(Edit) My issue had been resolved, but I have a question. What is the route to be the heaviest? I want to see what its like.

it's normal having a high cpu usage with this vn? 

Question but would there be a path to date pi?

So cute! Fat and cute, I have finished all the content, and update 0.2.7 quickly.🥰

Lol wouldn't be surprised if they discovered humans exist and they first see them and the time period is ww2 💀💀💀💀💀💀

also awe you are going to get it to a complete level and not continue updating it would be cool to see this sense a lot of games get continually updated, and usually if they continually get updated they keep getting plays 

If it was still avalible for the patron I think people would pay for it


My game crashes when I reach chapter 9

(i play on android)


I'm not sure why, but when I search the folder for "game" it doesn't show. It gives me the in-game UI, but no actual Game.exe

Any help would be appreciated, I would love to play this game.

(I'm on macOS)

Um hello I am an Android Player here, accidentally I forgot to uninstall the previous version of the game before I installed the new one, so I "updated" the apk and idk if I messed up because in the menu screen appears still v0.2.5, what can I do ? 

Also, I've tried already to erase the files and the data from the settings menu, but still it keeps happening, also re-installing the apk doesn't seem to work

i really hope you can find the way to fix the bug on android version }.3 i really love this novel and its comfier for me to play it on the hprone than the pc, had to redo all the story like 5 times due to the bug so now ill try it on pc, keep doing the great work :3

Deleted post

quite curious what characters are "romanceable" so to speak
I know for sure there's some nsfw scenes with Zac but I'm interested in who else may be and what the requirements are

Is there a guide anywhere to unlock ALL the scenes for this visual novel? Im having a hard time unlocking them.

Day 26 seems to be an endless loop.

Is this planned or is this a bug? Also, the new MC muscle artwork doesn't seem to appear once you're through the day.

Endless loop? what do you mean? that could be surely a bug

By an infinite loop I mean day 26 repeats itself indefinitely, after I go to sleep the day starts over.
But my stats increase so that the character wieght only 40kgs with around 20 muscle points.

(1 edit)

Okay, I'm not sure if Itch.io has problems with uploading images directly from the clipboard or not, but this time I saved a screenshot to disk to upload...

I tried to post this weeks ago, but I kept getting a server error? I guess Itch is weird that way... Anyway, Jim ends up switching to Spanish here even though I'm playing in English. I guess he got so shaken up he forgot what language to speak? XD Anyway, I first encountered this in v0.2.4 and again in 0.2.5 when I had to replay the game due to the engine change, and since Itch saved a draft of my old comment with the screenshot I originally tried to upload, I went back to an old save to see if it was still there in 0.2.6 and take a screenshot if it was. (And also rewrite my comment to make sure there's no errors that'd prevent it from being posted... 😓)

PS: As for the latest chapter, any size pizza is acceptable as long as it's on The Pizza Scale™!

PPS: Yay! It posted this time! 😩

Thanks so much for this report! Im fixing it right now!


add the ability to consume copious amounts of ramen like real college


quick question, do you have any plans to add an nsfw scene and/or a Jim route when pursuing wg only?

Is there any requirement to unlock the scene with lucky like having a certain amount of weight gained or underweight or affection points

Yes, there is. :)

and what would it be if it is not a bother to ask

you have to maintain the starting weight, 20kgs more or less can be okay, And the maximum amount of love with him ~

thanks and also sorry accidentally instead of responding to your comment press report, it's been so long since the last time I wrote and replied in English that I don't remember certain words well and if it's not bother who is the first bad ending and how can I get it

The game keeps crashing when I hit chapter 9. Is there a way to fix this. I'm using the android version

never mind I found out why it kept crashing on me 

The same thing is happening to me, what did you do to solve it?

well I tried doing only one save file but that still crashed, so I’ll try the same method again but not saving so often 

though I think it’s due to how the saves are on android. I did one save and would save at certain points but would still crash at chapter 9 at some parts 

In chapter 18 I got Lacky's number but I got it back in chapter 23. Is this a bug? (Sorry for my bad English.)

Yes it is. I am fixing it for the next update :3


is there a guide somewhere for what options lead to the highest possible weight? and I hope theres more content for gym soon, I really want to see if somehow later down the line you can convince him to like the mc's fat.

Deleted 161 days ago
Deleted 161 days ago

Hi there! First of all, I just want to say that I love this game! It's super cute and super fun!

I was wondering, is there a way for me to "romance" characters without having to select the NSFW options? As an asexual, that would make me very happy! Thank you! ^w^

Hey, the concept of this game is great and I was able to download it but, once I got to the beginning of the game the dialogue wouldn't load, I reset and uninstalled multiple times and still had this problem. I don't know if this is a problem with the game or if it may be a problem for some androids.

(1 edit)

i have a question, i am using the Android version because it carsh a lot ( pls fix ;[ ) i want to delete it and restart it. so how do I delete all my save in the game.

idea for the game: my idea is u can make other character much fatter from choice

(1 edit)

Здравствуйте, пожалуйста, обновите поддержку и сделайте версию Android более стабильной


I Love the game and can't wait for when it's Pi's turn with a day with Scoot/MC and their first scene especially I took on look at Pi when he was introduced and I just when "I really like him". 

(Spoilers for day 25 so limiting diolog)

I noticed that when duing your stay with Lacky and that ??? Gave you a pill, the line Lacky would ask Scoot/MC about it the MC said it instead I don't if it's a bug or a typo so I thought to bring it up.

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