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this is a very cute game and i love it but in the graphics folder when i try open any png it says its not supported? is there a way to be able to see these?

Nope, the archives are encrypted to avoid them to be stolen or something like that u~u, sorry.

ah i see, alright i was just curious 


why can i see voring characters in the game a i can just see that vore might be a part of this

Ziul said that vore wouldn't be in it.

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tried to unzip the archives but it doesn’t work and can't fint where it is 

🤔🤔 Hi Ziul This Games it's Very Nice But Can you Fix Music 『音樂在轉換場景時候一直重複 疊音!』😊

Ahh i cant wait for update 1.4. I'm also thinking about supporting the patreon just to get to play the story and support Ziul (Awesome work by the way!) I cant wait!

Android version freezes sometimes *while trying to save or in general*

So far i enjoyed the story but i feel a bit let down by the muscle growth route.  I get that story wise it's not supposed to start until after your character is confronted about the possibility of a diet,  but it seems like the main character doesn't visibly lose any weight or gain any muscle yet the weight gain route has a very visible change.

every time i open the game it loads but just shows a black screen how do i fix this?

Did you unzip ALL the archives or just open the "game.exe" inside? You have to extract all the content first.


on my phone it downloads it but it wont install ,I'm having the same problem on my labtop


every time i open the game it loads but just shows a black screen how do i fix this?

This seems a good game! Gonna download it now! 

Thanks! i hope you like it!

This seems very good ~

Deleted 304 days ago

Nope, for now that is no possible ~
Thanks so much for your comment, im really glad you liked it n///n, if you have more questions about the game you will be always welcome to our discord server!

Hey, I just wanted to say that I really like this game! I like how there are so many different characters to choose from, and how each of them have their own characteristics!

Though, I seem to have run into a sort of problem? I came across the part where the MC is in showers, and has to choose to approach either Zac or Shaun. The thing is, whichever choice I pick, it says that there is an error in the coding, and after that the game freezes, and the only way I can exist is by clicking Alt+F4. It would be nice to know if this is a mistake in the coding or if it is a problem with my PC.

Anyways, other than that, I really liked this VN! My favourites are Ziul, Zac, Shaun, Legan and Lacky for sure-

I hope you have a nice day and stay safe! 

Im looking foward to this problem, i will give you an answer in a minute. 
PS: Thanks so much for your comment! I am really glad you like the game!

We were disscusing about that issue you had in our discord server (you should join it too ;3) And noone has experienced that problem you have :s, Looks like its your PC. But, im editing that part of the novel anyways to avoid getting any kind of error in that scene for the future relases, thanks so much for your support!

I really appreciate you looking into it! And yeah, it might be my PC,  I'll see if it can work after I reboot. I'd like to join the server if you don't mind! And thank you for taking your time to reply to my comment, have a nice day and stay safe!

No problem!! As an update, there are appearing some people who have meeting with this same problem as you, so probably its not your computer! I will be looking foward to fix this problem definitely! Thanks so much for all your reports!

Actually, I have managed to get past this problem! I had to reboot my PC and start over the game from the beginning, which let me get through that point and get till the updated part without any problem! Thanks for informing me about this!

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Without a doubt, this is the best visual novel I've ever played!

Ziul, I really loved your game, it's long, it's "simple" but very captivating story and characters. 

I wish you luck !

Soft Fantasies! 

Ps: My Favorite Character is Ian the raccoon = w =

I mean . . . Tanuki

Hahahaha, awwww thanks so much for your comment x//3!, Im pretty sure that big "Raccoon" would like you too ~

I only created this itch account to say, This game is incredible.

This is the best visual novel, that's all I can say.


omg thanks sooo much for this >////< means a lot for me, really

Is any one else have trouble try download game on laptop? I keep try download but it keep download   music file or as a work doc.

Maybe this will sound dumb but... Do you have winrar installed on your pc?? If yes, try changing the extension of the archive to .rar and then open it with winrar nwn


can you make a female gender option?

I second this


Best visual novel ever!!!!! This is the game of my dream, thank you so much for making this game, I can't wait play the complete story   >_<

It's so exciting !!!!

Thanks so much, you really made me blush hard >////<

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I absolutely love this game! Even though weight gain is not something I am into I still love playing it since I can go with the "fit" route. 

The art style is really cute and I love it and every character is loveable in his own way, though my personal fave is Legan. I'm really excited for the next few updates since one of them has a chance to have a "special" scene with him. Ziul is also a cutie :3

Overall the game is amazing and the grammar is top notch. I was actually surprised with how good it was. 

I truly hope that this game will be finished since it has probably the most potential on this site.

(I like how creator (presumably) added himself as a dateable character with the same name)

Awww thank so much for your comment! And yeah hehe, to be honest i never thought the game will reach that many people, so thats why at first i decided to add me as a character on the novel, but now i feel quite ashamed ://s

El juego me agrada mucho, me gusta que tenga inglés y español ya que me ayuda a aprender más palabras del mismo idioma. Ensi y encontré algún otro error en el juego, pero nada malo en eyo en sí, es un buen juego que contiene un buen arte, una buena mecánica para saber qué hacer y diferentes finales en mi opinión como LIKE, y probablemente lo probaré en un sistema Android. ^^

Me alegra muchisimo que te haya gustado!! Sólo que... No te lo recomiendo en Android, es muy inestable y tiene muchos errores uwu

how to delete save files

you can delete them manually going to the folder 

C:\Users\(yourPCusername)\AppData\Local\Soft Fantasies\User Data\Default

And deleting the SaveGame archives you have, Or you can just play normally the game and then save over a previous file (overwritte it) and it should works ~

Playing on PC and the settings menu seems very unresponsive. The volume settings don't seem to work at all

it should be corrected for the next update. (that is very close to be released ~)

Aunque he intentado mucho, no logro desbloquear la ruta de Shaun, Legan y Ziul. ¿Alguien me explica? Aparte de eso, es un muy buen juego, los personajes son agradables y que este en español lo hace mejor.

a que te refieres con desbloquear la ruta de ellos? Si hablas del capitulo donde puedes invitar a uno a cenar, esos personajes aún no pueden aparecer, tendrás que esperar a futuros updates para lograr tener mas interacción con ellos n3n, Saludos y me alegra mucho que te esté gustando el juego!

Just like to ask this. If we decide to go the fit route would we be able to romance all the characters or would that cut down half of them, I take that it will cut out Ian, Loken, Zac, Zuil, and Pi, my favorite characters are Zac, Jim, Shaun, Lacky and Zuil, and just like to know if all romances depend on your weight, I'd assume so just need to make sure and be ready to know who I can't get with if I take the fit route.

there will be a "normal" ending with each character, but depending on your desitions, like your final weight and so, you can achieve a "special" ending with each one ~

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Im trying to play it on android but ,,now loading" takes forever... is it normal or should i redownload? Sorry for bad english :)

Usually on old devices, or decives with an almost full memory this happens. The next update (that is almost coming) should fix this !

okay, then im waiting for next update :D


cant wait for the next update!!!!!!

Este juego es tan hermoso, y los personajes son tan agradables :3

I play on Android and I don't have a pc and the game keeps freezing can you please fix that?

Ziul best boi uwu also I look forward to the next update keep up the good work :D

I like this game,but something is wrong.I play it on Android.however,when I try to save,It just stops.(from page 2-3)can you fix it?(English is not my native language.sorry)

As i mentioned, Android version is very unestable, and that is a common bug, (try not to use so many saves), The best option for this is playing its PC version, it has no bugs ~

Un juego muy bueno y en español!!! Esto es un tesoroo, una maravilla. Me encanta la diversidad de personajes y la historia es muy divertida. Espero con muchisimas ansias la siguiente actualizacion. Les deseo mucha suerte en este emprendimiento. Los amo!! (hablo en plural porque no se si son varios los que trabajan en el juego XD)

Soy sólo yo, y alguna que otra persona que comisiono o hago collabs para una que otra escena ilustrada de las que aparecen de repente ~, y me alegro muchisimo que te haya gustado, Muchas gracias por tu comentario!

Y ademas lo haces solo!! Alguien que le de un premio a este heroe sin capa por favor! Muchos Exitos!!

Uh... I'm sorry, what? My only choices are "athletic is attractive" or "I don't notice bodies"? How about... fat guys are hot as fuck? Why is that not a choice?


Just because of this comment, im adding that third choice on that scene for the next update! ~

Me gustó muchísimo esta novela visual muy bien trabajado! Uwu :pregunta

Cuando saldrá la segunda actualización y cómo será? Hoy empecé a las 3 pm y lo termine a las 7 pm! Muy buena novela me quedé con jugar más de esta cuando saldra la demás parte?

Usualmente saco un nuevo capitulo (con actualizaciones tal cuales como añadir nuevas ilustraciones a previos capitulos o mejoras en el HUD) cada 3-4 semanas aproximadamente, Puedes seguirme en patreon o entrar al servidor de discord que deje en la descripcion para estar al tanto de cuando estás salgan, asi como tambien checar como va el proceso de esto mismo ;3

muchas gracias de verdad que me a gustado mucho esta novela visual! La mejor de todas y el mejor punto es de que puedes jugar en español la mejor de todas las que eh jugado esta es la que me a gustado mucho

This is an amazing vn but everytime i saw the characters i want to laugh because my mind always asking me "where are their clothes?!" 😂 it's really funny. And there are more amazing things in this vn. I Love it!

I mean, less clothes the better right?


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Running windows, crashed whole pc multiple times, and now when it starts the window is all black and stays that way. Also, where are the save files located and have it open in windowed by default?

Android version: "Now Loading" Does it take too much to load? XD

Nevermind, tried it in computer. It was very funny. They are too direct with thier talking. Nice VN. 

Veo que también hablas español. Saludos XD

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Jaja, saludos amigo! y que bien que te haya gustado, en serio me alegra mucho leer este tipo de comentarios n////

Good game but my game froze alot when I tried to save at certain points and the files I load would sometimes take me back to the start.

As i mentioned, android version is very unestable and that are the most common errors, you can avoid some of then if you dont use lots of savefiles. Sorry for that i prommise i will fix it as soon as possible uwu


This game is really great and the art is really cute. Looking forward for future update.


This is a great game in the making. With a very dedicated developer that offers updates at a regular pace. I love the attention to detail and the uplifting spirit and radiates from most chapters of this game. :)

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