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por qué cuando en el capitulo 29 cuando selecciono a Pi no me deja avanzar si supuestamente hay 4 endings nuevos para este personaje? :(

I also can't choose pi :(

don't know why it doesn't work :( Ziu help us!

tienes mucha afinidad con el? Si no es así, no podrás

entonces quiere decir que tengo que empezar la partida de 0 y tener mucho más contacto con él para desbloquearlo?

los finales de los personajes solo podrán ser accesibles siempre y cuando se llegue al capitulo 30 (el ultimo) con suficiente afinidad con ellos.

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empecé una nueva partida para tener mucha afinidad con Pi.... Por cierto, estoy deseando que saques un ending con  Ryan o con Ian, para mí son los más adorables ;)

Thanks zuil for this update. I didn't download it yet because I was on a plane. Have a break it seems like a lot of work

I have a question, why don't you play the game on YouTube with its obstacles so that the website doesn't work? 


The website is even worse than the cell phone version or you fix it or put it back in the cell phone version I download it or I no longer play your game

How do you even play this game on Linux. The words don't pop up, and when I try to do the online version, it just freezes when I get to the kitchen.

the problem is your pc memory

i dont want to stress you but i want to go to Pi in the winter holidays.

I found an error on the website everything turns dark


I was banned from your discord my discord name is molasemui5#0258


With all due respect, take this as an opportunity to touch grass and consider if Discord is actually worth it.

no pressure but when will you update this game?

Be funny if you added a secret/easter egg where pi becomes gigantic like kaiju tibby in main character dreams


The types of instability are that the game crashes on the loading screen and that is a problem with the ram. When I remove space, there is not much instability.

I liked it when the game was for Android but they removed it F

Me too.  I understand the headache of development for multiple platforms and CPU archetectures, I mean you think choosing between Intel and AMD is hard, but at least they both speak the same machine language.  Try writing for that *and* ARM *and now* RISC-V wants to join in!  But it would be nice to have unmaintained versions still available to download.  (Mind you, that seems to be the fault of Itch and not Ziul).

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i really want to see this game in 1.0.0... i finished one path i wanted to stay with Pi but it says it not in the game yet. give more staying with characters and make it so that you return back to collage.(just an idea)

el juego tiene una duración larga para ser una beta, sin duda es algo muy admirable, el tanuki es mi favorito

Hello, can you repair the web version, it's like when I load a game before it loads the entire screen freezes

it's better to just download the game and play it on whichever platform you wish to. Much more stable.

When will the web version of the update release? It currently is still at update 0.29!  

will the web or mac versions ever be fixed? what's the point of keeping to upload them when they havent worked for months

Great game, one of the best fvn that I played and it's awesome to see that it's not been abandoned after all those years

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Will there ever be a guide on how to get all the characters?


but can you fix android version so i can play it. or do you have to wait another months too

sadly android version won't have a "fix", it's just imposible due the changes on "visual novel maker" engine, sorry

If you want to get a taste of the headache that is the computer, you could always try to make the Linux version work in the Termux app.  I somehow doubt your success as I doubt my own success, but you'll at least come away with unfathomable knowledge of computers.

What's the worse that can happen?  You break your system and have to reinstall Termux?  Just don't trust anyone that tells you to run anything that reads like "sudo rm -rf /*"

Hello I love the game but when I'm on August 1 in the kitchen with the tiger it freezes 

When Will the next update be released


in another month. Maybe 2. Workers of this game are still on vacations

why the android version can freeze.

although I really want to play it :(

When I download it I use Android and when it got to chapter 1 when we go to the tiger my game freezes

Same here

Lo estoy jugando en mi teléfono y al comesar el primer capítulo el juego se traba


Not gonna lie the math part the 5x+30/2=50, is easy, something I did in seventh grade, and I briefly forgot the 5 and the x were times not addition. also, keep up the good work

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Whop! Seems another line slipped untranslated!

¡Yo no se que yo se español! ...Because I never fully learned it.

PS: Make that two lines.

un juego muy divertido me encanta su historia muy entretenida ya estoy esperando la siguiente versió.

Damn he fixed the game but in Android the loading is very slow

any walkthrough?

Can you please respond to one of us like even say something on twitter the android package doesn't work and ite for multiple people

Yeah i can't play either package  problem


Please fix the android package i really wanna play :(

Hi Ziul I love this game as I identify very well with the main character at the start of the story. I'm just curious is it possible to have a polyamorous relationship in the game? I haven't played much due to my schedule but I would love to know if it's possible. thanks :)

just curious but is it actually possible to win the sumo tournament or at least cause an alternate result. (like Oken winning his round against us)

Hey, I made an account to discuss this because I thought it was interesting. In the previous version I played (v0.2.8) there was a glitch (?) that I rather liked, where when creating a new save file, the friendship levels from the previous save would transfer over and even stack with the new points gained from the new save!

This allowed the player to achieve otherwise impossible friendship levels with people, i.e. having a high weight and high friendship with Shawn or maintaining high friendships with Ryan and Pi. This acted almost like a New Game+ of sorts when playing, allowing the player to experiment with alternate routes without having to sacrifice their previously earned friendship levels due to the quite small amount of save slots.

I know it may not be your intention when designing this kind of game, but I (and hopefully others) would like for this to be implemented into the game as a proper feature! There's already a "reset global data" button in the settings, maybe this could work to reset your friendships as well. Perhaps you could even lock the feature behind needing to complete the game or getting a certain ending to balance it out.

Anyways, I know it may not be likely that you so much as even see this message, and I can certainly still enjoy the game without this being implemented as a feature, but seeing how fun it was to have this glitch (?) be in the game makes me believe that it would actually work out quite well.

Great game, hope development goes well!

That glitch can cause the entire game crash or get stuck and cannot be able to recover any save (the actual and the preivious) So, it was mandatory to fix it, sorry for the inconvence, maybe I will add that "new game+" when I finish it.

Oh my, I never experienced that thankfully, but I can certainly see why it was patched. No need to apologize though, I shouldn't be the one to dictate how the game works. Good on you for fixing such a potentially catastrophic bug, hopefully it could work out as a feature some day but that's not my call.  I greatly appreciate you taking the time to respond and wish you luck with further development!

this is probably my favorite game ive played

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