Clash'fur V: 0.1 DevLog

Welcome to the first official non-demo build of this game! Now, I will detail what changes from the previous version:


- PVP version (Vian LOCAL LAN) has been implemented! To know more about how to play against a friend, read this post main description.

- Skills "A,B,C" has been added, now if you're lucky enough you can summon units with awesome and powerfull skills!

- Bequeath skills are now possible as well, and not only skills, also weapons!

- A new unit has been added, Grape!

- A new weapon has been added too, Grape Bombs ~

- Now this game supports SPANISH language! (Only for description of skills, weapons and unique abilities effects)

Bug Fixes:

- Still not reported bugs, but there will be probably a looot after you test this version Dx


Clash'Fur 0.1.apk 57 MB
Sep 07, 2022
Clash'Fur V 25 MB
Sep 07, 2022

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