Clash'fur V: 0.3 DevLog


- 3 new units has been added to the game!

- 6 new skills has been added.

- 4 new weapons has been added

- New Settings Screen has been implemented, there you will be able to manage master volume, screen mode and delete your data.

- New menu icons made by David The Grape!

- New "Stats buff/debuff" display appears now over cards!

- New BGM! By 3D63 Electric Pawer and PeriTune.

- Now you have to HOLD your click/touch on units for a while to add/remove them from your army in "Edit army" and "Bequeath" screen

Bug Fixes:

- Joseph now won't appear with the plasma gun (lol, if you have one, save him due that is impossible to get now)

- Reported bugs that crashed the game in previous version were fixed throught these days.

Balance Patches:

- Oken's unique skill now gives 7 SPD instead of 5, and he get that buff now too.

- Lirus' unique skill now ignores "Severe Wound" and any anti-healing effects. Also it was a little buffed.

- Shaun's unique skill now gives him +3 ATK instead of +2 per round.

- Skill "Severe Wounds" was nerfed, now it makes healing effects weaker by 50% instead of totally nullify them.


Clash'Fur V 0.3.apk 57 MB
Sep 17, 2022
Clash'Fur V 25 MB
Sep 17, 2022

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