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Android (1.3) bug that I found

When the board is reset it fails to clear the board so it is essentially running multiple boards, which causes a lot of lag

Also, I hate Toasty & his drawn in 5 minutes looking ass

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Is there any way to make it easier? I have it on easy mode and its still impossible. And i know i could just grind levels in solo mode, but even then i cant break 350. So i was wondering if anywone had any tips or tricks i could use to stop me from having a fist-shaped hole through my monitor, and/or how to beat the impossible computers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Is there a way to have a female character as one of the unlocked characters? I'm put off by it which is a shame for what seems like a good game

The time-based matches seem impossible even on easy, they always win by over a hundred.

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I'm playing the latest version and i don't know if im just dumb or the game is very hard even on easy mode, im struggling to unlock anyone because even getting 409 by minute 1 they are faster

I cannot figure out how to unlock the final character. Am I supposed to use a specific set of foods? Am I supposed to get a sufficiently long combo? Am I supposed to do this on a specific challenge mode? The clue is just a bit too vague for me to understand. The rest were easy to understand, as they specifically called out the specific mechanic that was needed, whether it be a challenge mode, a character requirement, or other unlock condition, but I just cannot interpret this last one.

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how do i unlock the heat challenge girl?

Could anyone help me? I wanna unlock Gabriel (blue dragon) but the hint is way too vague. Please, I am completely out of ideas...

i think what you have to do is get a score of 500+ on the cold challenge for a chance to unlock gabriel. which will likely mean needing to use pol as he is the character with the highest cold tolerance.

I got him. It seems the threshold is 400+. Now I feel dumb for not using Pol before...

I am using Pol in the cold contest but Im barely reaching 300 score, how are you guys doing this????

careful food choices and being able to keep the combo going can help. though admittedly recent updates to the temperature mechanics have made it a bit harder to avoid getting too far in one direction or the other and ending up stunned. so some work on the skills may help there.

Im using Pol, skills that are supposed to make his cold resistance higher and that helps me make more combos, but it's just impossible to not get a "brainfreeze" and have to lose precious time to reach that score my max score right now is just 245... it's a bit frustrating honestly, I found out that the """"cold resistance"""" is how fast the character can "recover" from losing temperature, shouldn't the cold resistance also allow you to recover from brainfreeze at a faster pace? also, shouldn't cold resistance make you take less "cold damage" from cold food instead of fast "regeneration"??

being able to recover faster from it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring up with the dev. but if you are still getting brainfreeze that often it might be cause of which foods you are choosing. it might seem tempting to go for the higher calorie options. but with beer,  ice cream and soda causing so much cold. you may only want to use one of them, maybe two but never three. though i forgot the recent update that limits your combo multiplier to 10 without a special skill that only certain people have made it even harder to get there.

how are you supposed to unlock more characters? the hints i looked at didn't help i only got Luis and Scott either i'm missing something or its really hard/rare

Kinda disappointed it fart sound, more funny than... Whatever filling it should makes.

Could you make a linux version

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Random Idea: Add power ups seen in VS CPU to single player as a togglable option

This would be a great option!

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I've found a bug (probably). If you get a score lower than you need for "bigger" pictures, your progress will be updated and pictures that you had will be locked again. And it's not only Seiko problem, it's with others too ( or at least with Scott)

The problem's fixed (somehow)

Thanks for the report, I have spoted the bug and fixed it!

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How can I unlock Tammy? I tried to use both of other girls, and nothing happened.


maybe there is a bug. I will check that when I came back home. Thanks for the report!

@Piu-100 can you tell me how i can unlock most characters? im kinda stuck at how much score/requirements are needed for them, so if you can help me out, i will really appreciate it, thanks!

Just tried out the new update, it definitely feels a lot more polished than before. The AI, while a fun challenge, seems much more reasonable to play against now, and the character unlock battles feel like they trigger more consistently than before. I'm genuinely curious to see what the new XP system entails and how each acquired skill point will be implemented in future updates. Awesome job Ziul!

Also, loving the characters you've been implementing, and it's nice seeing another lady join the game. Can't wait to see which other peeps enter the fray ^^


I'm gonna be real.

Holy gods, is the AI brutal, sometimes...

And what the hell is maximum cold challenge? I've been trying for hours, and nothing came up...

Can someone, SOMEONE, at the very least give some more insight?!

Ai isn't that bad, you just have to hand constant combos going which can be determined by rng with the board but is controlled by the player. You can also try turning down the difficulty in the settings. I think for the maximum food challenge, I used a character with high cold resist and then chose all the cold foods during the single player cold challenge and got the unlock. 

My final note, I don't know how much the difficulty setting affects the game, but if you keep your combos going you can dominate. I play on the very hard difficulty because I would be stomping on the CPUs 

Still haven't gotten it after several rounds.

How do you unlock Moony?

anyone know how to unlock blue dragon character? 

I can't understand the "ultimate cold challenge"

struggling to figure out how to unlock the new character. I would think that the tanuki would unlock him, but it does not seem to do the trick

To unlock the new character you should use Luck the deer (he's second from last)

Deleted 117 days ago

Actually the soft lock can happen on PC too I think. I think it happened to me once already.


It was fun, before 1.0 update. Before it i can just ignore characters thite i don't like. But now, i need to play again and again just to try unlock someone else. I don't even know what i need to do to unlock character that i like(some stuff like "challenges" could help with it). And, i don't want to offend you, but I don't like your art style and, personaly, i don't like first character at all.

Sorry if offended

Deleted 286 days ago

Woops, my mistake, I clicked "Linux" but it is the android version hehe, sorry, it is fixed now

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Heya! Been enjoying following the release of this game so far. My favorite game mode is the turn based food fight, since it makes me feel really smart as my combo chain progresses and I get to watch the character grow! 

Pretty much every update I've been checking in to see the new character and all of their sprites-- but unfortunately with this last update, the new character I was excited to see and all of the characters I've been enjoying playing so far were locked behind very difficult achievements.

That's fine! I don't mind unlocking things through the a challenge, since that can be a rewarding experience. However, as I said before, I prefer the turn based game mode. After a few days and only managing to unlock about half of the roster through the speed-based game mode achievements, I don't know if I have the skill required to keep enjoying the new content being added. It's especially stressful when you finally get an unlockable character to challenge you only to have poor RNG on food placement, or worse, the tiles suddenly stop responding and won't move.

I'd love to keep following the release of new content, and to get to see the new artwork being added to the game! I don't mind unlocking these things, though perhaps an "easy mode" would be helpful for people like me. ^^

thanks for your comment, I will decrease the difficult and I finally solved that bug for version 1.1! 

Right on! I hope that I wasn't overly harsh or salty, I really do appreciate that you're developing this unique mobile game and offering it for free!


I wish there was an endless mode, but other than that great game!


This game is honestly really fun, and it's quite fun seeing all the characters expand into some amazing sizes! Can't wait to see what comes next


too stressful to even look at the stuff happening on screen XD

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True. Not as relaxing as I initially thought it would be but I still absolutely love it.

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I love the game so far! Some suggestions for you:

  1. I realise the game is mostly made for mobile devices, but PC version's UI is way too tiny for me. I happen to barely take notice of temperature meter for the most part. Maybe make it's bar a little wider?
  2. It's probably already planned, but in case if not - Character's favorite food should give some tiny boost and making them eat food they dislike should give some penalties.
  3. Let players who are good at the game disable hints.
  4. Maybe unlockable special characters that are a little NSFW?

I feel this would be better on mobile rather than on my PC.  Despite that, I still had fun with this one.


well thats why the game is also for android, in fact it is made mainly for it


So I had an idea for another stat: How about  "Intuition?" When playing as a character with high Intuition, hints would show up faster and more prominently than a character with low Intuition. If you were to add him (which I really hope you do), I could imagine Oken as a character with high Intuition, where Scott could have fairly low intuition.

Also I feel like this game would lend itself well to modded characters and foods: you could simply have "custom characters" and "custom foods" folders, and make it so the user would have to create a folder with a file for stats, and a folder for weight stages (for characters) and an image for custom foods. The game is simple enough that I feel like it would lwnd itself well to that.


Yeah, I have thought in that before. We will see ~

It's not a huge deal, but I feel like the art for the new chili looks too similar to the salad while playing the game.

after playing this for a bit it is rather fun err content aside i mean it could stand up on its own... hope im makeing sense, only real nitpick i have is that cascades often get burned by that capacity bar. only real sugestion i got is maybe consider adding powerups to the mix... maybe ones you dont want to get added in also, only thing is what would be thematicly aproprate and how would they trigger? only things i got off the top my head are time extentons diet pills and a chance for them to apear based on chain number, perhaps maybe a wild card too for high matches like of 6 atonce or something.

The new updateis pretty great!

A few notes and suggestions:

1. As it is, low-fill food sare just so much better than high-calorie foods in my experience. Might be a good idea to tweak the numbers a bit. Whether that's the actual calorie/fill numbers, or the amount of taps it takes to go back to empty.

2. Almost surely planned, but it'd be neat to have more differences between characters. Like maybe Scott could have a multiplier to calories (to make high-calorie foods better on him) and Pol could maybe go back to empty faster once he reaches capacity.

3. The suddenness of the time up gave me an idea: What if it had something like a "basketball timer," which is to say that as long as food is moving, you can still make combos, but as soon as everything stops, that's when the game ends?

Just some thoughts, is all ~

I just realized I can simplify what I'm saying in point 3: As long as you have a combo going, you cannot get a time up, but the moment your combo ends, that's when you get the time up.

i hope this will get many future updates

A nice little game, i hope for that we can see the rest of the VN cast inside. By the way the highest wight where the character change appearance are:

600KG for MC

650KG for Pol

It's excellent, I hope there will be more in the future, I think an option without clothes and also those rare combos that are in other games of the style would be good, but regardless of that, it is an excellent game that I hope will continue to grow.


fast game, good music and sound, first try 408 kgs ^^


OMG absolutely love this!

I can't go higher than 465kgs though


So far its a great little tech demo for something bigger. Curious if the biggest size is at around 350kgs cause I managed to almost get to 400 but I couldn't.


I got a 430 just now. I don't think the size changed, though.


It looks pretty good so far! I think a good improvement would be to make a clear goal for taking part in the food contest, other than to get bigger. Maybe a weight goal or an opponent who's getting bigger alongside your character.

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Something like a tiny story mode where you climb up ladder of opponents who can eat more and faster than you until you need to face off the guy who at the beginning laughed you off when you lost to him by nearly 330 kilos could be nice too? Obviously as this is mostly a casual game there wouldn't be much of story itself and you couldn't make advancing further too hard.

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