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Really great game, I've had a blast every time I've played it. I just wish I could playing it on my iphone as well.

My main complaint is that I always feel hungry after playing this game, which is having... side effects, lol!

All jokes aside, I do actually enjoy this game a lot, and that's coming from someone that doesn't normally play bejeweled style matching games.  Now, let me go and acquire a snack...

Either I dont understand how the tour works or its bugged on my game, I battled the two unlockable characters several times and I didnt unlock them. Also, they tend to "freeze", and not gain any points for the rest of the match.

I didn't totally enjoy it because I'm bad at it and that's not your fault

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Good job with the 1.5 update, new mode seems real promising. This whole project is starting to shape up as a proper game folks would play just for fun instead of just being "Fat Fetish Bejewelled". However, got a few things to say.

1. Sometimes, when I refresh/shuffle the board, it prevents me from playing full stop. not sure if its just on my end through.

2. Some of the descriptions for skills could be more clear. while I near instantly understood that "On match 5" wouldn't work in V.S, it took me ages to understand that Overfeed only lets you move tiles while full in solo, with it  just letting you eat the chain-matches in V.S

3. Fancy Eater is just unredeemable. I know that skills are meant to be balanced by their SP cost/ tour rarity, but this one just seems like it can only hold value to absolute beginners due to the fact you can easily make a 3X+ combo on accident, not to mention that C.T.E blows it out of the water as a "Easy Combo" skill. It should either be reworked, rebalanced, or removed.

4. Don't forget to remove the AI art at some point. Yes, I know that you most likely did this to save on time that you could use for other projects (A more ethical than usual use of it, may I say!), but in the current art environment, this could end up as something that could easily bite you later. That, and the AI mishaps in them make them unsightly.

5. Events could use a bit of sprucing up, as right now, they are either something that doesn't really change too much, something that helps you move a step or two forwards, or a event that just straight up kills your run. it might be nice to change it so you have choices, so you can either play it safe and get a minor boon/bane, or risk getting no benefit/ a major hinderance for a chance at a large help/ no form of loss. a better map would also be nice, but far from needed.

6. The "Free Meal Ticket" event has a minor bug or two. If you were to have less money than you would need to access a food tile without it, you will not be able to go there with it. Also, if you were to go to another event instead of a restaurant, that will still use it.

7. While I understand that cola is meant to be the sweet version of beer, the "refresh" effect seems to be a lot weaker than the "shuffle" one, due to the fact shuffle wont erase other super foods, and has a somewhat better chance at retaining combo due to quicker proc speed and keeping food amounts. in its current state, one might prefer to avoid cola's super and preserve their combos, especially when the "Instant Reset" skill does its job better due to its timing. a change you could make is that the super refreshes the opponents board instead, throwing them off guard and interrupting their combos instead.

8. You might want to reconsider donuts place in Tour mode. with how it is right now, it will always end up summoning a doughnut on the board of a enemy with its one counter (another doughnut).

Overall, there's still some issues, but this game has some real good bones, and could possibly end up having a competitive scene at some point in the future, even if its source material prevents that from being a big one.

Thank you sooo much for all your observations and the whole comment, I will surely take everything you said in consideration for future updaste for this game. I specially liked what you proposed for the soda super effect! 

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I found a bug related to fairy on 1.5 version (window).

 I think it was caused by overlapping object matched by player and object selected by fairy, but I am not sure about the exact conditions of occurrence.

 When a bug occurs, a code error is printed and game crashes. I attach picture for your reference.

Thank you so much for the report! I will try to fix it for the next update

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