Fur Food Contest V: 1.3 DevLog


- Added 3 new characters, (Yota, Toasty and Kat)

- Added 3 new skills (Quick Emptying, Menu and Mukbang)

- Now you can choose your opponent in vs cpu modes

- Scroll bars were moved so the food bar is now at the bottom of the screen (Causing some issues with certain devices)


- Reseting board won't cause more food overlap over the edge of the board

- Feeding fairy will work properly

Character's balance:

- Scott's skill "Cold shield" Was changed for "Mukbang"

- Pol's skill "Cold shield" was changed for "Menu"

- Luck's skill "Syrup explosion" was changed for "Mukbang"

*Note: Remember that now, when you install a new version of the game, all skills in EVERY character will be deactivated, you have to re-activate them in their respective "stat's menu"


Fur Food Contest v1.3.zip 70 MB
May 07, 2023
Fur Food Contest v1.3.apk 79 MB
May 07, 2023

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so cool bro