Fur Food Contest V: 1.5 DevLog

Finally it's here, the next BIG update for this game!


- Added 3 new characters!

- Added 2 new foods!

- Added 2 new abilities!

- Added a brand new game mode, Tour Mode! *

- Added a wiggle animation for sprites when "tapping" them

- Added new icons for the game HUD and Info/stats Screens.

- Tammy and Yota got new updated sprites!

- Added a new "skill page" for every character.


- Now tokens won't move alone after getting your belly empty.

- Reseting board won't cause some tokens get stuck over the board.

- The "3,2,1,Go!" Count sound effects now matches the current count.

- Fixed some other reported bugs that honestly I can't remember now xd

** About Tour mode: This mode is for making your character get skills that they don't have in their "native" skillset. Select an square to visit and play, then you will get stars deppending on how well you did, and those stars will give you rewards!

Remember to click on them in order to claim rewards before leaving!

Good luck finding your character's most fitting skills and have fun!


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Would there be a chance that turns mode from Deluxe version/era of the game, which I seen became it's own title from you become a separate mode for this game too? It could be lots of fun, but I can only imagine the amount of hard work one person has to put into this game as is already. Other than that, thank you for yet another amazing update and returning the game to it's original shape, making Deluxe testing it's own thing. I definitely can't wait to see new sprites for Tammy the cat and check out the new mode you have put out! Once again, I'm sorry for my earlier harsher comments on Deluxe versions of Fur Food Contest, which have been highly inappropriate and insulting of me to you.


This is gonna sound harsh but the inclusion of AI generated art really killed my interest in supporting this game.

Programming (Coding) and designing this game is too much for just 1 person (me). So I decided to use it just for illustrate events and generate some assets for the new tour mode, Things like characters and other major things on the game of course will be still made by my own art and other artists work that has their characters in the game. I could do all the entire arts but then this updates would took months to be released... Sorry for the inconvenience :c

I understand making a game is hard work. But AI art is still in a super morally grey area, but I won't put that heavy blame on you, I'll direct that towards the people who made the AI art program itself, I honestly think that having just the text description of the tour mode events is good enough and that having no art there is better is using AI art.

 I've been following the updates of your game for a while and I'm saying this because I genuinely like the game and was looking forward for each new update. If your game gets more traction I think there will be a lot of people who would see the AI art, quickly uninstall the game, then immediately assume that you're a distrustful person and I don't want that to happen to you.


Thank you so much for the comments, I will not use any AI on this game, even for small assets, I will take my time to draw them as always.

tour mode has a lot of potential. but it feels like it needs some balancing tweaks. and maybe a fix for being stuck at negative money cause of that thief that steals WAY too much and then being unable to even pick a restaurant when you have a coupon to make it free.

It is just the first release, Tour mode will be implementing new things and fixing reported bugs like the one you said in every new update of this game.

Thanks a lot for your comment!