Soft Fantasies 0.1.2

Soft Fantasies Version 0.1.2 is here! (This is for now an early release, the dowload link is only available for patreons, the public release of this version will be up for all on August 26th here)

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Attention: The game engine that I'm using for this got a new update, So good and bad this come along with it to the new version of the visual novel.

Change log:

- Chapter 12 is complete ~

- I change the HUD, now you can save and load whenever you want (before you had to wait a text window appear)

- Disabled ESC, so now you wont close your game accidentally

- Added a third option in the first choices of chapter 1 "I like chubby bodies"

- Unfortunally, your previous savefiles WONT work with this version... sorry.

Bug Fixes:

- Now the clicks for windows version works correctly

- There was an error with a variable when you were with Ryan at his home, that wont make you have the "alternate route" with him at chapter 10. Now its corrected

Android version still has the same issues... im really trying to fix that glitchy version of the game :s


Soft Fantasies V 0.1.2.rar 603 MB
Aug 26, 2020
Soft Fantasies V 0.1.2.apk 571 MB
Aug 26, 2020

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Lol im happy the public releace will be on my bday hehe