Soft Fantasies 0.1.6 Dev Log


- Chapter 16 is completely done!

- Pi sprites got animations!

- Pool Background was Re-made!!

- Now "Friendship loss icon" is shown everytime a character lose affect with you.

Bug fixes:

- Now the "+18" glow sign on chapter 15 wont stick on the screen.

- Now, if you skipped swimming class with Shaun, a "friendship LOSS" will happens instad of "Friendship Gain" at the start of the sumo battle chapter.

- Lot of gramatically errors were corrected for Spanish version.

- Bug that sometimes freezes the game in a black screen after deciding how much lassagna to eat in chapter 1 was fixed.


Soft Fantasies V 0.1.6.rar 735 MB
Feb 01, 2021
Soft Fantasies 0.1.6.apk 695 MB
Feb 01, 2021

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Nice game but. I don't like the characters 

 The only good one is the orange, white and blue one. The fat one...dude don't overdo it, that's not nice anymore. 

This is literally a game about weight gain, if you don't like it don't play it ffs. 

I personally dislike weight gain as well, but what pulled me in were both options for weight loss and the characters themselves. I absolutely love how unique each character is. 

So, do not hate on a game for not being your cup of tea. Try to find something else or enjoy other aspects of it. 

Ziul put a lot of work into  this game, and I really appreciate it. 


u don't have to care about what i write. It's a public comment section were everyone can say his opinion  without getting hated for it . I said my opinion. So don't apologise or try to start a useless fight like ur useless comment . Useless cause idc cause it's my opinion and I'm allowed to tell my opinion to the game 

You are critisizing the game for what it is meant to be. Its like saying that you dislike lemons because they are sour.

i don't criticize the game. I just say what i don't like.