Soft Fantasies 0.1.7 Dev Log


- Summary button has been added, this will make a screen with all your currently variables on the game appear, as well as the current "sprite" of the Main character ~

- Chapter 17 is completely done!

- Jim sprites got animations!

- Pool Background was Re-made!!

- Now "Friendship loss icon" is shown everytime a character lose affect with you.

- Now all chapter intros tell the current day of the game ~

Bug fixes:

- Now you cant save in certain situations that caused the game crash if you save at that point. (Usually after taking a desition after you have taken one in the same scene)

Important note: The new "Summary" function can cause some issues in the game if you have previous save files. If you experience a bug such as a lot of variables acumulated with no-sense on the summary screen, or when you suddenly change to an scene that is not of the same chapter, Try "Reseting global data" on the game menu. (This will erase all variables, save files and image CG Gallery... Sorry if you had to do this, i really hope you dont have to)


Soft Fantasies V 0.1.7.apk 737 MB
Mar 08, 2021
Soft Fantasies V 0.1.7 For Windows.rar 769 MB
Mar 08, 2021

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