Soft Fantasies 0.1.9 Dev Log


- Chapter 19 is done ~

- Zac sprites are now animated!

- Summary screen now show 2 more sprites at certain weights.

- Little grammar error fixed on previous chapters.

- Bugs in previous chapters that sometimes gave (or doesn't gave) the correct variables are fixed.


Soft Fantasies V 0.1.9 WINDOWS.rar 841 MB
May 28, 2021
Soft Fantasies V 0.1.9 MAC 883 MB
May 28, 2021
Soft Fantasies 0.1.9 ANDROID.apk 871 MB
May 28, 2021

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how should I go about pi's rout and get the highest weight? am confused.

I've been trying for days to try to be able to get this game to work on my PC but it keeps showing this error is there a way to fix it without going into the game because when I try to play it this error shows up and it stays on a black screen with the cursor that is custom for the game.

If that error appear when loading a saved state, then there is nothing you can do sadly... just start a new game, but if the error appear everytime then I don't know what could be the cause...

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Well are there other requirememts for this game to be functionable? I don't have JAVA installed. Or maybe something else is missing?

Im not sure but I think you need JAVA.

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Thank you I'm going to try to download it and see if it works after I have JAVA. It didn't work maybe I need to use another program to extract the files from or something.

Maybe I'm missing a file for it? Like one of the game files that lets the player make a save file? Or maybe the file the error was addressing is missing.

I finally got it to work I went through many files and eventually found one that said SoftFantisies data I deleted it and then the game finally worked.

How do you get to Jim's sex sceane