Soft Fantasies 0.2.0 Dev Log


- Chapter 20 is completely done ~

- Oken has received new SPRITES and ANIMATIONS!

- Very minnor changes to typos on previous chapters. ( Still working on a DOC whit all the mistakes to be fixed in english version)

- Finally, a NSFW scene with JIM can be achieved (on this new chapter ~)

- An error in a variable that shouldnt have appeared twice before with Legan was fixed ( I HOPE :C )

- A web browser version of the game is going to release on this same day! Stay attent ~


Soft Fantasies V 0.2.0 MAC 912 MB
Jul 17, 2021
Soft Fantasies V 0.2.0 WINDOWS.rar 870 MB
Jul 17, 2021
Soft Fantasies V 0.2.0 .apk 839 MB
Jul 17, 2021

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