Soft Fantasies 0.2.5 Dev Log

First of all ATENTION TO THIS PLEASE: Saves of previous version of the game (V: 0.2.4 or less) Aren't compatible with this and newer version of the game, this due the main engine I use for this game (Visual novel maker) had a major update, now it works in Electron, which will make the game have faster load times and fixed some engine bugs. We hope losing our saves because of these changes will worth it...


- Chapter 25 is here!

- Lacky has received a rework on all of his sprites, and also they are now animated!

- Folder where saves stores was changed from APP DATA/LOCAL to APPDATA/ROAMING

- Added a new and FIRST ending, it's a "Bad Ending". Hope you don't have to meet it...

- Fixed some previous reported typos, like chapter "24" showing a "23" instead.

Note: If you played the early version of this build (Which were just for patreons) you should remember that the CG gallery was unabled, now we fixed it and it works again on this public version!


Soft Fantasies MAC OS V 909 MB
Jul 01, 2022
Soft Fantasies WINDOWS V 995 MB
Jul 01, 2022
Soft Fantasies V 0.2.5.apk 903 MB
Jul 01, 2022

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Can you make it produce native Linux builds as well?

The Windows-version of the game no longer works with WINE anymore and just silently quits without any error messages being generated anywhere I checked.

okay, I will do another goal on patreon, to try to do a linux build as well as I did with MAC OS, hope we reach it soon nwn

it wont let me install it...on the app thing.. >.> help?


I want to know how to see this "Bad ending"