Soft Fantasies 0.2.6Dev Log

- Chapter 26 is here!

- Now you can download a build made for linux/ubunto users!

- Legan has finally his animated sprites! With this, now every main character have animations!

- New weight-level sprite for the main character for summary screen!

- Fixed some previous reported typos and characters misstalking (Lacky as Main character swaped dialogue name in previous chapter)

Thanks so much for your patiente and for making our next patreon goal possible in order to get this game also for linux!!! Hope you all can enjoy this huge project we have been making possible thanks to you!


Soft Fantasies V 0.2.6 1,016 MB
Sep 05, 2022
Soft Fantasies V 0.2.6 995 MB
Sep 05, 2022
Soft Fantasies V 0.2.6 MAC 915 MB
Sep 05, 2022
Soft Fantasies V 0.2.6.apk 925 MB
Sep 05, 2022

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no text is appearing for me on the mac version...just blank choices and blank...ness

Yeah, Linux build! Will try out ASAP and give feedback! 😁

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Well here it is – technical bla-bla all the way:

  • All-in-all it works fine like previous Windows build before the engine update / NW-to-Electron switch – maybe a little faster, but it’s been a while already so not sure
  • Saves from 0.2.4 load fine after moving them to the new location 😉 (${WINEPREFIX}/dosdevices/c:/users/${USER}/Local Settings/Application Data/Soft Fantasies/User Data/Default/*.vndata${XDG_CONFIG_HOME}/Soft Fantasies)
  • Some minor issues I’ve found:
    • Version number on title screen still says 0.2.5 (probably not Linux specific?)
    • Main executable in archive is named just game which is a bit nondescript IMHO – maybe that can be changed to read Soft Fantasies or at least Game to highlight it a bit more between all those other files?
    • More importantly, the file is also missing the executable bit after extracting, so one needs to manually add that or it won’t start – ren’py can generate proper .zip-files like that, so it’s possible somehow at least
    • It failed to launch from the Lutris Flatpak without the --no-sandbox option, but that is true for any Electron application AFAIK and not something you can really fix
  • I also couldn’t help but notice that the content scrambling (“file encryption”) is gone now – was this intentional on your part?

Also wanted to say I enjoy the new updates after 0.2.4! Couldn’t get to the special Shawn scenes yet, but very glad I got to enjoy some more of your stuff again and also very glad that the horrible mood at the end of 0.2.4 didn’t last beyond the following chapter. 😅