Fur Food Contest V: 0.1 DevLog


- A new character has been added; Luis the yamper ~

- 2 new food were added.

- Now you can see characters stats, likes and dislikes and their different sprites by holding click/touch on them!

- The "Tap" mechanic when full has changed, now you have to tap on a button that random appears, and the digest speed is much faster.

- The "Temperature" Mechanic has been added, be carefull with eating too much cold or heat food at the time!

Bug fixes:

- "No more moves" is completely fixed now. It won't make an endless loop.


Fur Food Contest V 0.1.apk 37 MB
Jun 18, 2022
Fur Food Contest V 0.1.zip 35 MB
Jun 18, 2022

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Love this game so far! I will be watching this game's "growth" with great interest!