Fur Food Contest V: 0.7 DevLog


 - Added a new character! Turly from the same named artist!

- Added a new food with its super effect! Donuts!

- Changed the "Termometer" to be a little more noticeable now

- Re-made Pol's last 3 fatness level sprites ~


Fur Food Contest V 0.7.zip 32 MB
Aug 26, 2022
Fur Food Contest V 0.7.apk 73 MB
Aug 26, 2022

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This game is great! It's really missing one thing tho, the remaining two sprites of each character for the 450 and 500 weight values, I wanna see them even bigger hehe

The game needs to focus on accessibility along with new content. This update with widening body temperature bars is greatly appreciated, however this game has very quick play nature. It is much faster compared to other matching games, even on Easy CPU difficulty. I would add something like screen overlay being red/blue on play area, sound clue or any other warning/information indicating when temperature of the character goes top high or low and the character is about to get overheated or brain frozen. Also potentially lock scrolling to where selection of characters and food, as currently you can scroll infinitely when nothing is on screen to select anymore. New character is amazing but size of donut and design little bit of its design feel inconsistent from others.

Thanks, your comment is very appreciated, I will do my best on improving those things and more for future updates!

Always glad to help or suggest some things! Looking forward to more updates and how the game becomes even better in the future!