Fur Food Contest V: 0.8 DevLog


- Let's welcome to our new friend; Luck! From Rexery & Luck! an awesome asian artist!!

- And yep, bigger board is here now! You can do longer combos easier with this new board!

- New backgrounds ~

- "Temperature" mechanic has changed, now 

- New mechanic, "Unlocking pictures" of the fatness level for each character is here, now you have to play in "Solo mode" and reach high fatness level to unlock those pictures for the "Character info screen"

- The game "Autosave" When you unlock a new picture, also, you can "Erase" save data in the settings screen.

- "Help" Button were added, so now you will have more information of how to play, and the rules for each game mode!

And the way how temperature works in this game will totally change, being more consistent this time:

 - It will raise or decrease always on a fixed quantity depending on the food your character ate. Cold/heat tolerance won't change this parameter now 

- When your thermometer level is not in the middle, it will automatically drain or raise until it gets to the middle by itself. But, Cold/Heat tolerance will increase/decrease the speed you recover from a very "Cold" or "Heat" current level!


Fur Food Contest V 0.8.zip 46 MB
Sep 28, 2022
Fur Food Contest V 0.8.apk 103 MB
Sep 28, 2022

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I love the changes to the game! Regarding Luck, he is an absolute cutie at his biggest size~ New cold/heat mechanic is pretty neat but why have you decided that cold/heat tolerance will not affect this anymore? It added more strategy to the game in my opinion. Also a bug in hosting mode - Entering help keeps scroll bars and buttons for choosing characters and food - Same goes for my player name.

Thanks for the reports, those bugs are now fixed in current version 1.0 (Only for patreons until,,, tomorrow xd)

Also, Heat/Cold tolerance now affect more than before, the auto "recover" on their temperature will be faster when they have more tolerance depending on if it's low or hight their current temperatute... Maybe I will make that more noticable for next updates.

No problem, love the game! Feels like a dream come true to me!

fun game! could not test the multiplayer online, but concepually its a lovely wg  connect 3 game.

few issues:
you can check the status on characters and see all the art you unlocked, but it only unlocks in single mode, vs the cpu it doesn´t.
You can scroll character screen beyond the qtd of characters making it disappear for awhile.
food also have bonuses that have to hold to see and wans´t very obvious, and better explainment of debuffs ingame. 
it´s only nitty picks, game is fun, great concept, can´t wait to see more of it in the future!