Fur Food Contest DELUXE first beta!

This is a new project I made from 0 today, I did it this quick due I just re-used almost all images I had on the usual game.

In this "new" game, mechanics change, now is a more relaxed-always-turn-based-clicker-game!

For now, Item cards don't do work and there aren't any "stat" or anything at all, just click and try to eat more dishes thank your opponent!

The food and characters are random, press ESC to reset the game and get a new random seed of the match.

If this project gets lots of support I will continue working on it!


Fur Food Contest Deluxe First Beta.zip 45 MB
Mar 06, 2023

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Something to consider is for the AI to be more discerning as to when to pop their card effects - even with the favourite foods implemented, a strong tactic would be to simply use each power ASAP in order to maximise the number of times they trigger over the course of a match. A player who holds onto their powers might be at a disadvantage in such a case.

This could limit overall strategy if this proves to be a winning tactic.


Compared to how fur food contest is. I kind of struggle to understand what makes this "deluxe" when it's more of a "redux" Sorry to say but i actually much rather prefer the fast paced fun of what we were used to. 

For now, the only "deluxe" thing it has is the name, we can't campare this 5 ~7 hours coded game to the other version that I had been coded for months, sorry, but I just didn't liked where the game was going, that's why I decided to do this version, a version that I know it will be much better when I put enough time to it. Also, a lot of comments about "The game being too hard, too quick to see the characters fattening or too difficult to make combos" wanted me to do this new mechanic... And now is "slow..." 

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Do you think speed mode could still be a mode for this new game? Speed mode, meaning old mechanic of how food tiles work with being able to have combos happen when 3+ are broken if they line up after you do your move and destroy first couple tiles. I hope my recent comments weren't too harsh. I do enjoy both versions, but I believe that old V1.2 should be open-sourced and given to hands of community if no new characters and bug fixes are planned for it.

The new Fur Food Contest Deluxe is really good, It just needs more characters and food choice. Also maybe ability card selector.

Is there cross platform planned? Also, looks amazing like all other projects!

I love how the deluxe edition plays, it's incredibly chill and is good fun for just watching the characters chow down and gain weight ^^
I'm incredibly interested in seeing how the cards will affect gameplay, and just how many (and how interesting) they'll end up being
I do hope the original game modes do remain to some capacity, as mastering those were quite fun and added a fun dynamic to unlocking characters. Still, I think it's all quite good fun, and I'm eager to see what changes/upgrades are coming up in the future, especially if there's any new characters to be added 


i had a hard time unlocking new characters