Fur Food Contest DELUXE second beta!

Cards now works, and there is a roulette that randomly chooses who is first.

I have been reading to your comments... "This game is slow, feel like grinding, it was better the other version of the game..."

Yes, and that's true maybe because we only have a Beta version, but just wait for the first non beta release of this, I am sure it will be better in almost all aspects than the previous one...

Just hope some of you keep supporting this version, or I will just continue to do and fix the first version one...

Thanks and hope you enjoy this version of the beta.

PS: For now, every character like ervery food, so using huge mouthfull will make you eat everything on board, have fun.


Fur Food Contest Deluxe second beta.zip 47 MB
Mar 08, 2023

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I will say, compared to the last version of the deluxe, I think the added cards really adds a much-needed layer of complexity and excitement to the game. I'm excited to see what you do with this mechanic
This game looks like it will be awesome, and I can't wait for the next update ^^

I really do like the game, your art and design is overall amazing, please keep going :]