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Hey Ziul, the android file isn't working it says something about a package error and it won't let me download it. Please fix thank you!

The same thing is happening to me as well

The save files are broken

Love the work you're doing and happy to be part of your patreon, but the newest release happens to only be in Spanish.

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It's so buggy on Android

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THE ANDROID DOWNLOAD NOT WORKING Every time I try to open the apk it ask if you want to download it and when I hit install it says app not downloaded But tbh idk if it’s my phone or something else


ziul is fucking dead


Why would you say that???

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because there has been 0 news for like 4 weeks

thats not normal for creators

edit: 54 days


Yes there are. I have been posting the progress of this game (and the other games I make) In patreon and my discord server.


well, I don't subscribe to patreons and don't go into discord servers much

so for the ones like me

to us, you are pretty much dead


XD I'm dead

I feel your pain, but you just have to live with the fact that people want to pay comission to patreon and talk on a shady clone of IRC.  Updates for tinfoil hats like me are few and far between.

BTW there is a bug, when I try to play a new game it had the same summary as my last save on the other game and some decisions that allows me to increases points with a character do not show. Besides it does not change the points since I played that part before... Every new game should start from zero and show all the scenes.

I didnt choose to became mega fat, just a little chubby and working out and I am loving the game... congratulations

is it only the MC who can really change their body or will be other characthers changing as well? will any new characther get in the datable list?

Can you make other characters gain weight too? Or is it just you?

Here to report a bug, the text scroll and auto play speed options have froze and I can't adjust them.

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Hey, Ziul. Bit of an "old" reader here. I cant access the image files on the download. Is there any way you can fix this?


is it possible to access the image files?


Why does the android version try to open my camera, files, and location? I've seen nothing concerning this and would love to be told the reason why.


Is there a guide out there, i want to get all possible scenes  with every charecter.

I found a bug on my third play-through where no matter what I do on chapter 16 during the culinary class segment where I always overbuild my burger even if I select nothing.


hold on there is a bad ending? anyway can someone show me how the complete that?

why dont the volume settings work?

Is anyone else having problems muting the music on Windows?

When is the next update?

Would be cool to have this on steam. I wouldn't care if ii had to pay for it

Okay so I'm starting the game after a while and I already found a bug the option in the gym always chooses the top no matter what I choose

Do you remember in which chapter?

very early game it was an interaction in the gym between the PC, the blue wolf and the ripped fox where you choose a body type or say it doesn't matter, I miss clicked the top option and I had to go as far as a reinstall to undo the choice loading/closing and reopening the game and restarting didn't work

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Is Pol a dateable character if not make him one IMMEDIATELY he's too cccuuuttteeee

He is a minor you freak

Than wtf is he doing studying at a uni

hes gonna become a professional minor

Bruh 💀💀


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It took me a whole day to finish this game completely, and the content was so fascinating that I never stopped. I can only say that this work is the only game I have ever played that can make me  so intoxicated! It is a very, very excellent work! The characters are quite cute!

Although there are explicit contents in it, it is not as fierce to show pornography as other 18 plus works. Too much exposure makes people tired. Instead, it is done in a very daily way, and it feels very refreshing. Every day makes people look forward to it. The game gives people more friendship and warmth, rather than greasy erotic feelings.

Although the picture quality is not so delicate, it is enough, giving people a very refreshing feeling and leaving enough room for imagination.

Yes, I always to eat a lot and get fat like the puppy, but I'm constrained by financial difficulties and physical conditions. I'm not fat,actually, I'm little strong.But I thought chubby character is extremely adorable.
The writing is very fresh, everyday and real. I really enjoy my time with every furry character, especially pi.I Increased his favor value to 11!
This fantastic game let me entirely know  Today is a gift, Tomorrow is a mystery.
I will cherish the present life more, Enjoy the Gift!
I really hope I can be as rich as pi! In that case, I will definitely give the greatest financial support, but I am only a college student now, but I will give the greatest spiritual support!
I hope it can be made into an independent game in the future, then I will definitely buy it! ! !

Come on! Love you guys!


thank so much for all your kind words! I really appreciate it :3!

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Any way to get muscle growth added to the time skip?

Speaking of which is 12 the highest we can get muscle?

Could have sworn I got Lacky's number after the slumber party, but that one event still happened with the salesman.


Is there a walkthrough on how to get all the nsfw scenes?


I want to pursue the character of Lacky as a more skinny, muscular character, but the scene in the files is with the character being chubby. Does that mean you have to be chubby to get the scene.


it's not working even on my mac or windows


MacOS doesn't work!

and still doesn't 6 months later :(

this loooks reallly really good wish i was gay


alr i"ll give it a go

it's normal having a high cpu usage with this vn? 

Question but would there be a path to date pi?

So cute! Fat and cute, I have finished all the content, and update 0.2.7 quickly.🥰

Lol wouldn't be surprised if they discovered humans exist and they first see them and the time period is ww2 💀💀💀💀💀💀

also awe you are going to get it to a complete level and not continue updating it would be cool to see this sense a lot of games get continually updated, and usually if they continually get updated they keep getting plays 

If it was still avalible for the patron I think people would pay for it


My game crashes when I reach chapter 9

(i play on android)


I'm not sure why, but when I search the folder for "game" it doesn't show. It gives me the in-game UI, but no actual Game.exe

Any help would be appreciated, I would love to play this game.

(I'm on macOS)

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