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How much more will the update?

welp he said beofre the middle of this month, but maybe he meant patreon?

It's finished, but im waitting for the translations to post it on the "Early release" for patreon. Sorry for taking this long, but the game at this point is too complex, so for every update until now you will have to wait more than a month...

So by the end of the month atleast?

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Isthere snfw gallery scene for lacky and legan right now or they will be in future updates.

In the future u3u

when will the latest version be released?

Before the middle of this month.

I kinda having problems with saving? Before it was working well. But once I got to my 2nd page 4th save slot. It just didn't save anymore. it just hang on the screen and I can't press anything.

I download the mobile version for android. 

besides that I love the game so very much! I do hope this can be fixed so I can play more and don't worry about my progress being deleted if ever the game crash or I need to go to sleep, etc. 

the mobile version has a bad tendency to crash if you save on too many slots as mobile devices have less overall capacity than PCs

Just curious, but I've never had a game from ask me for my location. Is that something the game does on its own or is it that way for a specific reason? (On Android)

is it on mobile and if so is there an possible way to get it on iPhone by an android emulator

Apple make you jump through hoops to become an iOS developer, including making you pay a monthly amount just for a licence to develop for the App Store.  This could be circumvented if users were willing to jailbreak their devices, but it's a little risky just to play one game.  I wouldn't recommend that unless you're a nerd.

As for an Android emulator, I know there are things like Anbox for computers, and other things that run "desktop" software, but at that point you might as well just use the desktop version of the game.

I can't play this game because of how it's a rar file and my mac doesn't have anything to possibly run it. Any suggestion on what I can do?

I will try to upload the folder of the game for the next version (not compressed in rar) to see if its possible. Sorry for the inconveniences!

It's fine. I just wanted to see if I could do anything. Thanks! :)

Una pregunta , ¿Cuando el juego esté completo se podrá hacer una ruta amorosa con los personajes? 

Igual otra duda que tenga , si va a aparecer algo de +18 sin que yo oprimiera una opción,  ¿Podría poner una opción de saltar esa escena?

Si y sip

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Apk isn't allowing me to download, it's saying Error missing xmb. (EDIT: Nevermind it was a glitch for me.)

How do I get all the pictures in the gallery? There's so many and I only got a few on my first playthrough...

Its because the game isnt finished yet


Nice game.

Is there a way to read the png-files, or do they have a different format? Because I can’t open them.

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Is there more then 1 snfw scene with ian or there will be more in other updates.

will be on other updates

I have a question when I downloaded the apk and started to play it it wanted access to stuff like my camera, file and location is that suppose to happen?

So it's been a month since the last I posted, and since there was a recent update, I'd just like to make the suggestion again, in case you didn't see it or something: Is it possible to allow players to delete save files from in-game? Might be a workaround in case the player experiences the android save issue. Plus, I can't seem to find where the save files are stored on android. (I've seriously looked everywhere.)

Also, a minor dialogue suggestion: When you first meet Ryan and our protagonist muses that Ryan might be bigger than him, maybe have him think "Or maybe not, heh." or something along those lines if at a certain weight threshold. Say, 180 maybe?

just completed it, my ending was quite something not gonna spoil it, great game and lengthy too, loved it


The game has not ended yet. There are a lot of more chapters to be released ~

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cant wait, your work is wonderful to play ^-^~

i can see that the last update was 2 days ago, i suppose just bugfixes?

hey, where are the save files located?

In a folder named Soft Fantasies in your local appdata folder ~

I guess there is no way to play this game on PC, I'm glad it wasn't a problem with my PC that caused the error.

?? yes, there is a PC version. Are you downloading the APK??

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No I've been downloading the rar file and following the directions but this error always occurs

If you had an old savefile, this new update is not compatible uwu, so you have to go to settings and "restore global data" in order to continue... im very sorry for that uwu

The thing is I can't even enter the game and I deleted all the data from the other saves so I don't know how I would be able to do that. 

Now i realised the problem of not being able to get past the bit when we finished eating at Pi's mansion i have a lot of saves what am i meant to do

Im doing or have done 1.7 but im not sure since when i finished the dinner at Pis house it kicks me off without doing anything

What version of the game, PC or android? Also, wich option did you selected, eating a lot, normal o a few? Does that bug always happens at the same point when you playing it?

Normal im on android and yes it always happens

Android version is very buggy u_u, A well know issue is having a lot of saves, or having your movile memory almost full can cause the came crash :c

Thank you ill try and get rid of some storage since its at 90%

I can't seem to be able to get soft fantasies 1.7 for Windows to work it always says a error has occurred not having .elf anyone know how to fix this? Or a correct way to download this game

Im not sure if i done 1.7v so im waiting on 1.8v it might take long

me gusto mucho el juego, gracias por seguir actualizando realmente me encanta 10/10

The recent 0.1.7 update cannot be downloaded by my app for some reason. Does anybody have a clue how to fix it?

It has been fixed! Thanks.

Regarding the Android save issue, would allowing the user to delete save files in-game, even if only from the main menu, be a workaround until a solution is potentially found? Or would the issue somehow persist even after deleting save files? Even disregarding the saving crash issue, that's a feature I'd like to have, if it's possible in the engine you're using. Along with being able to name saves (again, if possible). I'm aware I can find the save files on PC and delete them that way, and have done that a few times, but for the android version, I have looked everywhere in my device's files for those save files and have not been able to find them.

On another note, it's possible to surpass the current summary screen weight "benchmark"  during chapter 17. I'm sure the next benchmark will be added in the next version anyway, but I just figured I'd mention it. 

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I'm on android, chapter 10 and it keeps crashing when I try to save. Does anyone know why this is happening

Android version has a lot of issues, the main issue is that saving a lot of times cause the game crash after certain chapter or certain tries to save again. Sorry for that, its a bug i just cant fix for Android versión for now... The only thing you can do to avoid this is unistalling the game, and re-installing it again and playing it without making too many saves.

oh ok got it

Aveces cuando tomo una desición crashea como en las peleas de zumo pasa si escojo sentarme con zac y lacky o saliendo de las peleas (Estoy en android)

I noticed a bug, when going to sleep after the sumo match, if you pick to sleep with your pants on, it shows a black screen after the title card for Chapter 9, and you have to load a save and choose to sleep naked to advance.


Its a knowed bug, lot of people reported it to our discord server, so i fixed it but it will appear fixed until the next update uwu


Played the newest update and its lovely! 

And noticed the blue hearts here and there hehe~ OwO" 

Thank you for wonderful novel! And keep up the good work <3


I hope that we will find out what happened to missing fur from Zacs photo team. And my imagination went wild. Here is what I think could happen. Zac somehow trapped him somewhere and fattens him up.  (There were absences of food in kithen, so maybe this might be considered the real reason). Or that could happen to MC when he can't get out of bed. He calls for Zac and he comes with lots of food hehe~. 

I hope Zac will soon reward MC for his appetite. (So far he just teased us. {On 15th chapter i think} AND I EXPECT CONSEQUENCES FOR NOT SAYING ANYTHING TO ZAC WHILE HE WAS CHASING CHUBBY PROTOGEN <3 ).

And ofc another visit to Pi's place would be nice. 

And the husbando (mate) mention omg <3

P.S. sorry for the typos

And yeah wanted to mention but forgot, played on android 7.1.1. Arm processor. Everything was fine. Just ofc played on 6 saveslots to avoid save bug.

Best wishes once again! U3U


Thanks for your comment! Also... Nice theories xd, but if you want to know what happened to that guy on Zac's team, just try to reach one of the 4 posible startings scenes for this chapter 16 ~ Yep, there are 4 different startings.

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dang it, no visible change on the PC again, you really need to start adding sprites for the PC at his various sizes, even if it's just gallery only

(also add more variety to the PC muscle pics instead of just muscle or not)


Soft Fantasies is the only VN shown to be a trojan by Avast!


Love the game its amazing but the newest android update set off all my anti malware systems wanted to let you know

Thanks, its a recurrent report, but its normal to happen when doing not "oficial" APKs, I am not sure how to avoid that alert appear in the most of the devices (including mine of course...)

PS: But this is obviusly NOT a virus or a malware.

I figured but I just wanted to let you know since its the first time its happened out of all the updates ive downloaded

este juego es super bueno me gusta mucho las mecanicas y las ilustraciones son super buenas y la unica cosa de la que me quejo seria el que no se muestra el afecto que llevas con cada personaje y me gustaria que pudieras incluir eso o que me digas como puedo saber la cantidad de afecto que tengo

Lo incluiré en una actualización no muy lejana ;3

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This game was working for me yesterday but now it wont get past the menu screen and stays dark. Please help if you know how to fix it I really enjoy playing this game and it would be terrible if there isn't a solution to it. Error is called uncaught type error

im not sure if this is a glitch or an Easter egg but in chapter one when I chose to hang out with ian, it started a scene with lackey at his house 

This cant be, probably is a bug, but i cant find any explanation why that happened.

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I know you disagreed with my idea of a preview which shows what results from a certain choice but what if it only shows the results of choices you've made before, think of it as a sort of event map like what you'd see in games like Detroit: Become Human, that way you can either choose a path you haven't done before or retry a path that had some changes to events on it (if you add kamaitachifuutaro's suggestion of sufficient muscle negating "exertion" weight loss events for example)

does anyone know how to fix my issue?

my game keep crashing everytime i save. it wont load it up. any advice?

Try to play it on its PC version. The APK is very unnestable and have a lot of bugs or issues deppending on the movile you are using u.

i am on pc. sorry i didnt mention that

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