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A matching furry game! Every token is a character who has their own special ability. You will face lots of hazards throught every new level you achieve!

You can also unlock and add more tokens to your "team" ~

Try to unlock them all and reach your highest level!

If you like this project you can support it on patreon!: https://www.patreon.com/matchfur

And join our discord server!: https://discord.gg/cer6qEuTGn

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
AuthorZiul Walls
Made withGameMaker: Studio
TagsClicker, Furry, match, random, Relaxing, token
Average sessionAbout an hour


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Match'fur 0.3.1.apk (ANDROID) 309 MB
Match'fur 0.3.2.zip 272 MB

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Hi, I can't download this android game

An error like this usually means the app isn't compatible with the processor in your phone.  To spare you the gory details and words like "CPU Architecture" it comes down to the processor in your phone speaking a different machine language than the one the app is written in.  This usually means that your phone is either too old, too new, or too weird.  Unfortunately this can't be fixed with a software update, the app has to be "compiled" again for your hardware.  Knowing what phone or tablet you have might help, but the problem then arrises that you have two or more versions of the app and the user has to know enough about their phone to know what version to download.  If the words "CPU Architecture" from before are all greek and swahili to you, then imagine trying to figure out by yourself what version out of five or six options has the correct architecture.  This is why app stores like Google Play and F-Droid exist, as they will figure this out for you, but then you have to meet their terms and conditions in order to have your app listed, which may not be worth it for indie or hobby developers.

I reserve the right to be completely wrong, however.  Android doesn't like telling the user what the problem is, only that there exists a problem.


Hi, I've been trying to download the game into my android, but it does not seem to he working. The game won't install into my android.

The latest update has caused my bitdefender antivirus to keep quarantining the .exe file even if i restore it.

Cool game. I have a question,  what is the difference between the standard and the B version?

In the devlog notes said the differents, basically version B has less bugs XD, but im currently uploading version C due one more fatal bug with one secret passive...

Cool cute game, a bit tricky but its a nice adorable puzzle game x3

Thank so much!

I think it is really nice game, however I would like to report some bug. Actually 2 bugs at once, but one of them is even nice feature, so I would not complain if you leave it ;P

So, one bug (that better one I won't complain about) is when I use yellow token power ("Oken's thunder") and there is "lights off" hazard it will cancel "lights off" and you can see whole board to the end of the level (maybe that is how it should work? I don't know, but I like to use it just to cancel "lights off" because it helps a lot and sometimes getting lights off 3 times in a row is very annoying)

Another bug I experienced (only once) is when I used "Oken's thunder" just at the very beggining of the level I ended up with not full board (some tokens missing).

Here is screen showing both issues at once:

Maybe you already know about all that, but I hope it will be helpful anyway.

Thanks so much for your reports! And yes, Oken's thunder now cancel that hazzard, (i must update his special ability description) And the other bug... i havent experienced it, can you tell me how do you think it happened

Unfortunately I am not sure how it happened exactly. It happened only once randomly when I used Oken's thuder just after next level started (that only thing I remember about that). I tried if I can reproduce it somehow again, but it seems not easy to reproduce. For me it happened only once for all times I played.

If I will be able to reproduce it again I will update. 

While trying to reproduce that last issue I run into another one:

That happened when I tried to move randomly tokens just after I used one of the available powers (I think it was "Ziul's cool breeze").

Ohhh, i see, that error apeared because you try to move a token that was desapearing i guess... I will try to fix that. It should be easy. Thanks so much again!

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I noticed that the versions are still 0.0's, and the last update was... 69.. days ago, is this still updating?


yep it is xp, i just forget to change the "version 0.0..." text uwu

cute and nice nwn

nice game!

Thanks nwn!!! Just updated it, maybe now you will like a lot more ~!

I really like your art a question when it will be available for Android