Match'fur V 0.3.1 Dev Log


- Now for the first time, this game is available for Android!

 - 6 new characters were added! And with this, the full roster is finally complete!!!

- 2 secret passives has been improved by adding more members to it, to know what passive is, check below in "Spoilers"

- Lirus special ability has been modified a little; Now tokens don't fall until the animation is completely done, and the "blue arrows" hitbox has been reduced.

- A new token has been added, "Plasma token", but for now, the only way to make them is by a secret passive and by the ability of one of the new characters.

Bug Fixes:

- Visual bugs in credits screen have been fixed, again... xD


- The new secret passive "Thunder Benders" is a passive of 3 who summons "Thunders" with their abilities

- The new secret passive "Cold Fluffyness" is a passive of 2 who are another pair of characters that like "Cold weather", a husky and a bear to be more exact ~


Match'fur (WINDOWS) 304 MB
Jan 02, 2022
Match'fur 0.3.1.apk (ANDROID) 309 MB
Jan 06, 2022

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