Match'fur V 0.2.5


- Game physics has changed! Now you can move tokens at allmost all the time!

- Combos now deppends on a internal timer, you have to do matches consecutively to make the combo display get higher!

- Due all mentioned before. Token special bars had to be changed to fill quite more slowly.

- So, ALL token special bar needs 20 points more than before to completely be filled

- Urii has ben nerfed, now the lv bar with combo goes up 50% per combo. (before was a 100%)

- Paw quest secret passive now has less time to dissappear!

- Adrian got a Buff, now he has 1 more "speed paw"

- 4 New tokens were added!

- 3 New secret passives were added!

- Obrerto special ability changed, Now its MUCH FASTER to charge than before, but it didn't adds the "High tide hazard" to the board anymore

- Expedition mode has recieved a huge rework, but is still on its 40% of being completed!

- "Ateroid belt" hazard hitbox is smaller!

- "Virus Token" Has new explosion animation!


- Augui special ability now correctly deactivate all hazards.

- Clicking a heart before another heart explosion is still on the screen now wont bug the game.

- Some bugs related to the game physics were fixed, but as the game has changed all of that, its very probable that we could find new more bugs! So please report them to our discord server if you found one!


- If you have a saved expedition, please finish it on your current version before playing on this new version, or erase the current save, this because you can get stuck is open an already saved expedition on this new version due the changes this game mode has recieved.


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Apr 28, 2021

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