Match'fur V 0.2.3


- A new token has been added!

- 2 new hazards has been added!

- Jungle, Tundra and Volcano has changed their probable hazards!

- 2 new secret passives has been aded

- The difficult of expedition mode has been increased a little

- I put the animation of the boulder destroying on obsidian and metal blocks as a placeholder.

- Changed the RNG of the secret passives "Berry bois" when matchen 5 to be always a heart token instead of having a chance to be a berry.


- Fixed a bug that made purr-ates continue appearing on next levels even when the hazar is not there.

- Fixed a visual bug on Oken thunders where sometimes tokens keep blended by yellow.

- Fixed a bug that made the game over screen appear when you still have berries to click.


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Apr 19, 2021

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