Match'fur V 0.2.8 Dev Log


 - 2 new characters were added!

- 4 New secret passives were added!

- A knowed passive has been changed to add 2 more characters in order to activate it

- A bug that made you get stuck on the final expedition has been fixed.

- Achievement Screen now shows faster when clicking the achievements.

Spoilers to finding the new passives:

- The changed passive now adds "2 more bunnies to it ~"

- A new passive between "two wholesome friends" a yellow and green one has been added ~

- Fire and Ice experts have arrived! There are 2 passive with 2 characters in each one, one passive are 2 animals who live in cold places, and the other is about 2 characters that are experts in the "fire arts"

- There is a new super passive of 7 charaters! They say it's called "Doge Gang" This one will be quite hard to find! But put attention, Wolves are not dogs ~ (Tyrone is a dog, but sadly he is not in this gang uwu)


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Dec 13, 2021

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