Match'fur Battle V 0.0.7 DevLog


-  2 New characters were added! Spaicy and Aldavyz are here to help!

-  3 New passives were added, "Rampage, Star night and Heal boost"

- Team builder now works different, Click allies to add or remove from your team instead of drag and drop. Also, There will be displayed only the characters you currently have, but you can press SPACE on the selection team and learning abilities screens to filter and see ALL characters currently in-game.

- The "Character stats HUD" has changed a little, now you have to hover the mouse on "passive skill" to read their description, and also the "Active skill" will appear with that name for every character now.

- Now, at the start of a new game the first 6 characters you will have will be all random!

- There were added 2 new "Banners" in order to easily obtain certains characters, they have a 50% chance of getting the characters displayed on the picture.

- Set the "Agi" and "Crit" max range to 95% and 100% per unit on battle. If you exceed this quantity the game will "Store" the exceed and save it to give to those allies when those stats goes below those numbers again.

Bug fixes:

- Oken's thunder now won't crash the game when using them on a boss stage.

- Lacky active skill now works correctly. (There were some issues that didn't give the correct amount sometimes to units)

- Gao active ability now works correctly on bosses, removing them their passives!


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May 25, 2022

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hey idk if its just me but the file isnt able to be downloaded


Oh, sorry, My mistake, now it should be able to download hehe