Match'fur Battle V 0.0.8 DevLog


-  Okay, first the most important thing, This game can now be playable on android devices!!! I practically recoded all the game to be also compatible with touch!

-  4 New character joins the fight! Lirus, Jordan, Frechet and Ben!

- Added filters to the team builder!!! In order to make your search easier ~

- A lot of in-game re-balances, like the uses of "buff" and "debuff" for stats, making almost every passive that give stats works a little different

- The first challenge has arrived to challenge mode! For this build, the chances to play are free ~

-  A new banner was added, featuring the new characters on it!

- And more to discover!

Bug fixes:

- Ryan active skill now is not infinite.

- A lot of minnor bug fixes.

- But probably a lot of new bugs were added :D...


Match'fur Battle 0.8.apk 58 MB
Jun 06, 2022
Match'fur Battle 55 MB
Jun 06, 2022

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