Match'fur Battle V 0.1.0 DevLog


-  4 New character joins the fight! 1 Normal unit and 3 Special seasonal units!

- 3 New passives were added, find them out!

-  A new enemie and a new boss have been added!

- A new challenge has been added, "Beach Challenge"!

Balance patches:

- Mohamed "Boss enemy" Attack damage has been decreased from 150 to 125.

- Dark Spirit "Boss enemy" Charge Speed has been decreased from 150 to 120

- Mint Attack stat has been increase by 10 points.

- Gao active still "Cleanse" now has a 50% chances of missing on bosses.

Bug fixes:

- Reported bugs that crashed the game when using oken ability, or opening some boss chest has been fixed.

- Typos in some skills infos has been fixed.


Match'fur Battle 1.0.apk 79 MB
Jul 19, 2022
Match'fur Battle 64 MB
Jul 19, 2022

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