Match'fur Battle V 0.0.9 DevLog


-  4 New character joins the fight! Cleetus, Scott, Lief And Mint

- Filters now refresh when you click/touch on them (So, I removed "search" button)

- 3 New passives were added, find them out!

- 2 New enemy passives has been added

-  A new enemie and a new boss have been added

- A new challenge has been added, also, now each challenge have now in-game challenges that when you clear them you gain stars.

- Credits screen has been added! It is on "Settings". There you can read some more info about the characters in game and artits.

- Now you can see allie's passives on display during battle, below their face icons.

- A new currency has been added, "RED DNA", for now, this is useless, but save them for the next update!

- Normal chest now drops paw coins of $5.

Balance patches:

- Now, enemies can appear with a different range of pre-defined passives everytime. Except on hard practice, the passives are random there.

- Enemie's speed now progress a little slower.

- Lirus active skill has been buffed, now it deals all its current ATK as damage.

- Ben arrow speed has been increased... (This is a little nerf, you will see why ~)

Bug fixes:

- Shaun passive now works in every level instead of in the first one.

- Luis ability was active in... every unit!!! This was fixed to work only on Luis as intended... 

- Frozen wasn't working well on enemies, Now it does. Their speed decrease will be very noticeable to see now.


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Jun 14, 2022
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Jun 14, 2022

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