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i really hope you can find the way to fix the bug on android version }.3 i really love this novel and its comfier for me to play it on the hprone than the pc, had to redo all the story like 5 times due to the bug so now ill try it on pc, keep doing the great work :3

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quite curious what characters are "romanceable" so to speak
I know for sure there's some nsfw scenes with Zac but I'm interested in who else may be and what the requirements are

Is there a guide anywhere to unlock ALL the scenes for this visual novel? Im having a hard time unlocking them.

Day 26 seems to be an endless loop.

Is this planned or is this a bug? Also, the new MC muscle artwork doesn't seem to appear once you're through the day.

Endless loop? what do you mean? that could be surely a bug

By an infinite loop I mean day 26 repeats itself indefinitely, after I go to sleep the day starts over.
But my stats increase so that the character wieght only 40kgs with around 20 muscle points.

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Okay, I'm not sure if has problems with uploading images directly from the clipboard or not, but this time I saved a screenshot to disk to upload...

I tried to post this weeks ago, but I kept getting a server error? I guess Itch is weird that way... Anyway, Jim ends up switching to Spanish here even though I'm playing in English. I guess he got so shaken up he forgot what language to speak? XD Anyway, I first encountered this in v0.2.4 and again in 0.2.5 when I had to replay the game due to the engine change, and since Itch saved a draft of my old comment with the screenshot I originally tried to upload, I went back to an old save to see if it was still there in 0.2.6 and take a screenshot if it was. (And also rewrite my comment to make sure there's no errors that'd prevent it from being posted... 😓)

PS: As for the latest chapter, any size pizza is acceptable as long as it's on The Pizza Scale™!

PPS: Yay! It posted this time! 😩

Thanks so much for this report! Im fixing it right now!


add the ability to consume copious amounts of ramen like real college


quick question, do you have any plans to add an nsfw scene and/or a Jim route when pursuing wg only?

Is there any requirement to unlock the scene with lucky like having a certain amount of weight gained or underweight or affection points

Yes, there is. :)

and what would it be if it is not a bother to ask

you have to maintain the starting weight, 20kgs more or less can be okay, And the maximum amount of love with him ~

thanks and also sorry accidentally instead of responding to your comment press report, it's been so long since the last time I wrote and replied in English that I don't remember certain words well and if it's not bother who is the first bad ending and how can I get it

The game keeps crashing when I hit chapter 9. Is there a way to fix this. I'm using the android version

never mind I found out why it kept crashing on me 

The same thing is happening to me, what did you do to solve it?

well I tried doing only one save file but that still crashed, so I’ll try the same method again but not saving so often 

though I think it’s due to how the saves are on android. I did one save and would save at certain points but would still crash at chapter 9 at some parts 

In chapter 18 I got Lacky's number but I got it back in chapter 23. Is this a bug? (Sorry for my bad English.)

Yes it is. I am fixing it for the next update :3


is there a guide somewhere for what options lead to the highest possible weight? and I hope theres more content for gym soon, I really want to see if somehow later down the line you can convince him to like the mc's fat.

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

Hi there! First of all, I just want to say that I love this game! It's super cute and super fun!

I was wondering, is there a way for me to "romance" characters without having to select the NSFW options? As an asexual, that would make me very happy! Thank you! ^w^

Hey, the concept of this game is great and I was able to download it but, once I got to the beginning of the game the dialogue wouldn't load, I reset and uninstalled multiple times and still had this problem. I don't know if this is a problem with the game or if it may be a problem for some androids.

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i have a question, i am using the Android version because it carsh a lot ( pls fix ;[ ) i want to delete it and restart it. so how do I delete all my save in the game.

idea for the game: my idea is u can make other character much fatter from choice

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Здравствуйте, пожалуйста, обновите поддержку и сделайте версию Android более стабильной


I Love the game and can't wait for when it's Pi's turn with a day with Scoot/MC and their first scene especially I took on look at Pi when he was introduced and I just when "I really like him". 

(Spoilers for day 25 so limiting diolog)

I noticed that when duing your stay with Lacky and that ??? Gave you a pill, the line Lacky would ask Scoot/MC about it the MC said it instead I don't if it's a bug or a typo so I thought to bring it up.


Mac version completely broken

I love this game, but haven't you thought about making a guide for this game, how to put the correct options in a file or something? Because if I need one ;w;

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The game doesn't have "correct" or "bad" options or selections. :3

But how do you explain that there are certain options, sometimes the friendship or love points are lowered for a certain character? Random example: The fight between Pi and Jin ^^"


Just use your intuition for each choice. If you go against a character's values or motives, it'll usually lower their relationship, so just be nice to them overall and you'll get high points with most.

Unfortunately I don't think the Android version works for me. It seems to load for a few moments and then just a black screen. 

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I just tried to play the new version of Soft Fantasies version 0.2.5 that requires the new Electron Engine to play but I only get this error screen.

If anyone knows what I have to do to get past this error screen, could you show me how? Because this error is preventing me from playing the newest version of the game.

Did you extract the game from the zip archive? Never seen an error like that.

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Hey Ziul Walls, I know that at the end of Chapter 24 Jim calls the Police and gets the Kidnappers arrested, But what I would like to know is if the Kidnappers will return in a future chapter, and if they do, maybe some of them either escaped from prison/jail/detention or they managed to escape being arrested and they try to kidnap Scott/The Protagonist/MC again, and if they do, Scott/The Protagonist/MC has to be careful because if he is kidnapped again, then no one will be around to rescue him this time.

If Scott/The Protagonist/MC does end up getting kidnapped again though, maybe he can try to escape on his own with him needing to sneak around the Kidnapper's new Hideout and solve puzzles or get items to escape without being seen. If Scot/The Protagonist/MC is caught trying to sneak around, then it lead to a Game Over Ending/Bad End Where it describes that Scott/The Protagonist/MC is never seen or heard from again?

Maybe have 1 or 2 chances to mess up before the bad ending.
The first time you're caught they think it's kind of hilarious that you thought you could escape before locking you up again. Later you get to try again though with an increased difficulty.
The second time you're caught they are genuinely angry. Get caught a third time (even tougher!) and it's curtains for you...

Although the 'never seen or heard from again'  may be a bit dark for such a fun and colourful world. Instead of dying/vanishing, after being with the criminals for a time you get stockholm syndrome and decide to become a criminal yourself. The bad ending could be you ending up in prison after a botched donut heist.


uh hey quick thing can you make a .zip folder 

if so thank you


You can use something like 7zip for that.

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What a gem! I came looking for some weight gain platformer style games and stumbled upon this absolute cracker of a vn. I finished the current game in one sitting and didn't want it to end. Great Job.

This game has a lot of heart and some genuinely funny dialogue. I can't wait for future updates and seeing how the game grows.

(in more ways than one, I want Pi to look almost malnourished compared to me ^_^)

Thanks for your kind comment! I am so glad you like it! I am working on releasing the next update soon.

( Are you chubby too, I say it because of your last words xd)

You're very welcome, looking forward to it!

For me the sign of a great game is it sticking in my head all day long at work. Instead of my mind being on my boring job all I can think about is getting home and stuffing some cute bellies :p

One of my favourite parts of the game is being able to order a really huge meal, and once you've eaten until you're nearly full you occasionally get the option to order seconds or even thirds. Very cool.

( Heh I'm not really chubby anymore, I'm more of a fatty these days. I doubt I'll stay this size for long however as these games tend to really bring out the glutton in me. So thanks again haha! :)

I hope the save bug on Android is gonna be fixed, loved the vn though

I found another bug in saving when i load my save file it bugs and then crashes :/

Read the FAQ at the bottom of the description.

Could someone tell me if there is any way to avoid being kidnapped.

If it's misspelled, it's because I'm using a translator.

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I don't think that there is any way to avoid being kidnapped. Of all the times I have played Soft Fantasies, I/Scott/MC/The Player Character Has always been kidnapped by chapter 24.

Thank you


Hello, just so you know, my computer says "File damaged or format unknown", maybe you should check that ;) (I'm running on a Windows PC)


As someone who wanted to be a gainer for a long time, yet was never able to be one, this is an awesome way to live out that fantasy. I want to thank you for making such a great piece of work. I hope that you can achieve all of your goals for this project.

Absolutely same sentiment tbh, also hello fellow fritz enjoyer

Hi there I have been playing this for about like 12 or so hours and most of the time when I save then load that save it gets soft locked I only had it happened once on windows and alot when playing on android and also one of my saves set me back to the 1st day.

Update apparently it's soft locks every time I save after it soft lock the first time not sure why it's doing this hopefully it'll get fixed in the next patch / update

I see you have many saves. If you are playing on android as you mentioned it you should have 4 or 5 save slots not more, because its a common bug unless it is fixed in the meantime. Also don't save too often. 

About windows I don't have idea.

Also I don't quite understand the soft lock stuff just this common problem some people had before.

I really liked this novel, and I also realized that you can’t walk alone in the evening. :/

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I like this visual novel:)

I know it's a bit rude to ask, but I just love this visual novel so much, I want to know if there is anything like it out there. I can't find anything, but maybe someone else has?

Yes there is the game called Worshippers of the gain, but in my honest opinion SF is better without any doubt, still Worshippers is nice too in its own way. The thing that made me mad at Worshippers is that MC can gain 2000kg which is just unrealistic for me. 

Hello, I can't see pictures in the graphics folder, can you fix this?

all the pictures there are encrypted, you're not supposed to see them!


Hello, hi 

I have a problem 

In chapter "let's go to gym" when I try to save my game freezes

I'm on Android

Hi I don't know if you fixed the problem, but on android you can have only 4 save slots (or 5) and try to save once per game day especially with the chapters you finished. If you save to many times (more than 50 I guess) or on too many slots there can be bugs. This was common problem before but this is one of the ways to avoid it. Maybe it was fixed idk


I have a question, do you need to be a certain weight or have a certain amount of muscle to date certain characther



Certain characters do have requirements like Jim you need to have a muscle of 6 to get the nsfw scene. And for oken you need to be at a certain weight like around 190s or 200s to get his. As for Ian and ryan they dont have requirements, but you need to see ian after his first sumo match and for ryan you need to help him move his things into the student dorm. As for the other characters, choose the option to stay when meeting zuil for the second time(when he is in the clinic for you to get that document for swimming). For zac, just go get in the shower when the mc says he needs one during the first week.  As for shaun, pi, lacky, and legan they might still be work in progress or you need to be in specific locations to trigger the nsfw scene. other than this, this is all i know for now. Comment if i missed anything.


Thanks for the help


I love this game already and I will try to get some money for you. You need the money for a game this great. I just wish I could find a game that lets you make your own story and outfits too but this will do nicely. Thanks for making this. <3

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