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it says app not installed but I have enough storage for it 


You need twice the size of the apk to install the game.

Make sure you have that much after downloading the apk.


Love playing it. Can't wait for the next update. I just joined the discord. I love all the characters. Ziul is my favorite though because he so nice to the Main character and I just love talking to him.  I will always support this project and keep playing it. I might be broke too fund it but I will always support this. Good work on the game.


I don't like to beg but please it's been 70 days I want a new update. Or did I miss a message that this is the end?


I talk almost every day about this on discord and also post sometimes on patreon. The next chapter is constantly in development, but will be a very big one due some changes that need to happens. Sorry for taking so long, I don't have also the same free time to do this as before... But even so, I'm really trying!

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oo thank you for replaying I just got a little worried that it took longer than normal. just keep up your great work and I will wait patiently for the next release. And perhaps I get to spend some more time with Lacky in the next update. XD

and sorry for asking it this way I could have asked it a nicer way. just take your time and if you need more time just put up a dev log that you still working on it. this would put a lot of people at ease. also don't overwork yourself because of my comment I would feel terrible if you got a burnout because of me.

I completely agree even if the game isn't updated a simple post on this site explaining the progress or the reason for needing people to wait longer will be enough for most people if not all of them, because not everyone will go to the Patreon page to see the progress made on making the game. 


Well, sorry, I use this site just to make easy the download of my game. If you want to be adviced of how the progress is going, you can go to either patreon or the discord server that is in the description of this game here. It's free and you can talk more directly with us for more info.

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I actually don't mind going on Patreon to know about the updates but some people are just too lazy to do that but since you have a discord server as well I guess there's really no excuse for people to ask for updates on how the progress of the game is on this site especially since the discord is free

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I'm kinda exploring various routes and runninv into an issue. Does the morning of chapter 16 also take into account your muscle level? Beforethe free time decision in chapter 15, I have relationship levels of 3 with Shaun and 5 with Legan. Plus a weight of 74kg and muscle level of 4. If I go to the Gym (and thus a muscle level of 5), then I get Shaun's house afterwards, even though Legan's relationship is still higher. Whereas if I choose one of the other two, I go to Legan's as I intended.

I guess that I'll accept that it doesn't only take into account your relationships, and also your weight and muscle, though in my opinion it should only be based on relationship. Especially because I was basing my assumption on doing high weight routes.

If it is a bug, I should probably mention that I am admittedly playing on the android version.

Its a bug, you should go with the one with most relationship, Im fixing it, thanks for the report!


I have a question and I would like that if someone knew it, they would answer it for me, which is if you can beat Ian in the sumo match and if you can, how can you achieve it?

If it is misspelled, it is because English is not my language of origin


I managed to beat him with 298 kg and 11 muscle

but I think you only need 290 kg and 10 muscle


thanks for answering my question

Hello could you please tell me what's up with this? and is there a way to fix this?

I like this game a lot, i think its really fun, and i was going to draw a character, specifically oken, so i went to the folders so i could get the full idle sprite but when i try and open it, it says the archive is corrupted, is this intentional?


Yes, they are encripted uwu

Have you ever though about getting people to help out And make it a little bit less complex and also get someone who can make the file size not as big as it is now by tidying everything up


hello, I'd just like to say this game is amazing. you did such a good job that I feel actually connected to all the characters here, I feel like they are actually real, and that I'm actually their friend (or partner~). but I don't have the energy or motivation to play this game further after I realized there is no way to get into Zac's group. I really need to know if you will be making a way to join Zac's group, because I just don't have the emotional motivation to continue playing after that. It may sound stupid, but I felt horrible after that, and I couldn't bring myself to even touch the game again ever since. Thank you for making this, and I hope you have a great day if you're reading this.

I know right I played the game as many ways as I could to try to get to get into Zac's group but I just kept on getting forced to go with the other group even when I had Zac's friendship level much higher than everyone else's were but I did play past that part I just really wish there was a route to go to Zac's group, plus since Pi is also in the group the weight gain would be higher as well.

Yeah… honest to god, I genuinely cried when Zac picked two random people over me… and then never did anything to say sorry or make amends… he just immediately went back to chubby chasing… as if my feelings were garbage to him… I just want to know if there is any way, any way at all, that in the future, or possibly even in the current update, if I could make Zac at least say sorry, instead of him just ignoring your feelings. I’m ok if I don’t join his group oh right, I just want him to actually, genuinely apologize for deciding two random people were better then me, someone he already knew and had a relationship with.

well he did eventually tell the player that he likes them for who they are but I didn't try the other routes like the gym one maybe there's something else he says when you go to the gym all the time

Hi ,i am having game breaking issues after chapter 16 on android.i am unable to save at any point ,if i try to it will freeze and kick me out of the app ,also at the beginning of day 20 it will also freeze.


So I have another suggestion, but with how much extra artwork it would entail, I would expect it to only be worked on after you've otherwise finished the game and go back to adjust things.

So I've seen the idea of fattening up other characters brought up, and I've realized that there is an interesting opportunity for that. On the morning after Legan's birthday party, if you go to Ziul's, it might be interesting if instead of volunteering for his project yourself, you could tell him that you know someone who would be more interested -- either Ian, Oken, or maybe Zac (all potentially depending on your relationship with them) -- and starting with the day afterward, they could gradually start to visibly gain weight. Maybe it could even have an effect on the "difficulty" of the sumo tournament.

Of course, just an idea to maybe look into later once you have more of the game done, but it might be good to make preparations for it if you go for sething like this.

And, a bit unrelated, was it intentional to drop Ian's weight down to 160 kg in the second sumo tournament, despite him being 180 in the first? It just seemed a bit odd to me.

I wish it had the Portuguese version, I'm Brazilian and I loved this game, I wanted to understand what the characters say, (I can understand some things) maybe only the cell phone doesn't have

This game has been amazing so far (I use the mobile version), I found the characters so cute, I loved the game

😘 is Something News Great i Go To Chack And Thanks for You Great Work Ziul  🤗



Will there be more interactions with pi in the future


When is the next update?

A month from now or more, give the guy some breathing room at least before asking that.

way too  late to respond I already looked at the patron page and found out why when I posted this reply I had already seen a pattern on how the last update was posted which was almost exactly 50 days ago  and the one before it was the same time frame as well so in reality I just wanted an update on how the project was doing on this website itself

Well, the public release here was uploaded just today xD... Also, yes, im taking more with the newest chapters, but I explained why on my patreon and Discord server.

I have never stopped working on this and wont do it until its finished. So dont worry about that.

Yeah that was why I said too late but yeah I like to keep track of update patterns so I can look forward to something other than holidays especially if I like a specific game project like yours 

Hello I made it t the 17 chapter and went to save and my game froze and when I exited and came back I found my game had saved but when I tried to play it it took me back to the very beging and I'm realy sad cause I like this game

Im so sad to hear that... Sadly sometimes the engine Im using for the game has some bugs or issues I just can't fix or explain, Specially on the Android version...

Now all I think you can do is play over again, but using the "Skip" button to reach that chapter again uwu

All I need to say is this is one of the best visual novels I have ever played keep up the great work.


Will the other characters change weight as well? Or is it only the MC?


Hi, I'm having trouble extracting the RAR file: when I try to unrar it I am simply given the error "unknown archive type, only plain RAR 2.0 supported", and when I try with 7z I get a number of errors to the tune of "Unsupported method : Soft Fantasies/path/to/" and most of the extracted files are 0 bytes long.  I can easily open most other archive formats, so I'd like to know if you have any plans to publish this using a .tar.gz or a .zip format

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this why i like zip files better than rar files

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Love It

how do you play on desktop?

Oh 0.2.0 is Come!!! 😋I Go to chack this news 

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Would it be too much trouble to add a chapter number and name display to the summary screen? Would be convenient for loading a save and remembering where exactly it was left off.

And I guess I'll just reiterate my suggestion to be able to delete saves from in-game...

I dont know how to make a delete button for the in-game. But what I do know is how to put the chapter display on the summary, nice suggestion!

I have a question

How many days will the game have at most?

Its a question with not an answer yet.

Thanks for answering my question anyway.

i have a quick question, the highest weight i got was 299 kgs, is there any sprite for that weight? it was just a very long time ago since the last sprite that was at a higher weight. for me the highest sprite is the last one from the vid on youtube, which showed all the sprites for the summary screen. just want to make sure if their might be a chonkier sprite at v2.0 

at 300 the sprite changes, its possible to reach more than 300 until the end of chapter 19. And on the new chapter 20 you can gain even more ~

oh my, i have no idea how i should reach that though. i thought i already had the best path, but apparently not. are there any big weight gain moments/relationship requirements etc. that i might be missing?

you can join our discord server and ask there to our comunity ~ (Invite link is on the description)

hello, is there going be zip file of this game I'm use to using zip files on PC 

Download winrar, its free

i know it's free but I'm not use too winrar I don't understand it, so i like the zip files better sorry

its almost the same, once you have winrar installed, just right click the archive you downloaded (the game from here) and click "uncompress", then a folder with the game should appear next to the winrar archive

well about that, you see i wasn't really use to winrar so i try opening what works and i miss up big time and i can't fix it now, here not much i can do


I'm wondering the same thing for different reasons.  I have unrar but it doesn't like the archive.

Hi what characters can you have +18 scenes with? I have spent quite a while trying to do so with all characters and the ones i cant figure out are ,jim,lacky,shaun and legan. Could you tell me if these options are possible or not just yet ,i feel like im close but just never get it

These character +18 scenes hasn't been released yet. Well, Jim scene can be achieved on the current early version that is for patreons. But very soon will be public!

Ok thankyou phew i was searching for a while tbh to see so ,also will any characters in game have a wg feature in the future?

Whats the planned length of the game? Chapter wise and content wise

Uh, I dont know exactly to be honest uw


thats fair! so far its been a great ride an i cant wait for whats next!

When they go out on the class field trip, is there any way to go with the fox and green doggo?


No u3u. But after I finish the game I would probably add more path to previous chapters

like paths to fatten up more than just the player?

Wow I loved this game! Very well written and I can't wait to see the next update :) 

Lachy is my favorite, the blue one. Both his looks and his personality is so adorable 

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  I am getting this error when I choose Zac for the shower scene, it just completely crashes the game.

i keep getting this too... is it cause im running it through the itch app

This is such a sweet game I keep playing and finding lots of cool stuff plus I fell in love Shane or all of them never happened before one thing mind the body weight how dose that work I'm all ways to skinny or to fat can't work out how you get buff do you eat normal food then work out ? That food for thought

Does Jim have a sex scene yet?


Goodness there is a math solving equations... Help my brain is not working :'D


Is 7


I already got it, thanks

i think the 2 new sprites at a certain weight are both for alot of muscle?

How much updates there will be before an ending?


The game is very cool, I don't see anything wrong with the game, although I thought there would be more time with Pi in version 0.1.8 it was still very cool that day. One thing that would be great if it were in the game would be that based on our decisions the appearance of the other characters will change, but it is only a clear opinion, although without that the game would still be very great, I hope I can support this project before it is I finished. If there is something weird that I said, it may be because I used a translator to write this since I don't know much English, I'm sorry.

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