Match'fur V 0.0.8


- The item shop is now available in its beta version! Buy items and a new Token to help you reach higher levels

- A new token is here, introducing Mjesus! His ability is very usefull for collecting coins to use them on the shop ~

- A new feature added; Preparing screen before going to challenge mode is here, where you can look at your current "team" and equip items 

- A new feature added; A Wheel of fortune will appear each time you complete a level in challenge mode

- 6 Songs from Jean Quevedo (An awesome compositor here in were added to the challenge mode

- All description text were changed. Now its a bit more clear how character abilities works

- Now you can read at the abilities info when playing, by hoovering your mouse over the characters at the right or over the items you have

- Oken, Ryan, Shaun, Spaicy and Fenrir received a buff on their abilities, read them in game for more info ~

- Now, when you have no more moves, and also can't do literally any other thing to continue, a "Game over" text will replace the "no more moves" text.

As you can see, there are a lot of imprevements and new features comparing this version of the game with the others, but i know i still have lot more to do for making this game more striking, like adding animations and more sound effects. But that are some things that i will work on for the next update


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Mar 12, 2021

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