Match'fur V 0.0.9


- 2 new tokens added!!! Try to unlock and use them in your team!

- A new feature added; "Charge speed" for all special abilities, this in order to equilibrate the token's power

- A new hazard was implemented, this is called "petrification" try not to lose against it ~

- Pi special ability had a huge buff, this time he will fill the 25% of the MAX CAPACITY of the level bar no matter the level you are.

- The tase of appearance for every "obstacle" hazard like viruses or boulders falling down has been slightly decreased

- Slow down special bar hazard doesnt accumulate when there is more than 1 (indeed it never have acumulated xd)

- Achievements now works correctly, I swear TuT

- Now you can access to game settings, this in order to control the game volume, for now xp


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Mar 16, 2021

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