Match'fur V 0.1.0


- A new token has been added, you can get it on the shop for 3 blue shining diamonds ~

- Minnor changes to the Main menu, featuring message text that shows when you hover the mouse over each button, explaining whats that mode/button about ~

- Added two buttons on the upper right corner of the main menu, Discord and patreon respectively ~ By clicking them you will be redirected to the patreon page of the game and the official discord server ~

- A new hazard has been implemented, "Imps" They are not a lethal hazard, but can be quite annoying ~

- Fixed, or at least made very dificult to replicate the bug that sometimes make a column of tokens fly away and never fall.

- Added 2 new items to the shop, try use them to reach higher levels!

- Achievement screen now is quite slower to load, but this is in order to made it works 100% correctly

- Changed the "Reset game" button to "Pause Menu", this in order to "Pause" the game ando also decide if want to quit or resume.

- Fixed some audio-related bugs, principally with the huge explosion...

- Re-made the entire code of the "Achievements Unlockeds" due an issue i was having, if for some reason you cant unlock any character, please go to the discord server (By clicking the discord button on the main menu) and report it to the "bugs report" channel.


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Mar 20, 2021

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