Match'fur V 0.1.9


- Two new tokens were added!

- Four new passive abilities has been added!

- Two new hazards have been added!!!

- A new bioma has been introduced "Active Volcano"

- "Obstacle tokens" spawn probabilities has been reduced. YAY


- "Back to main menu" button when you get a game over now appear correctly.

- Pausing the game during combos now wont make the game crash.

Version B Changes:

- Lots of bugs fixes related to finishing a level;

- Finishing while having Obsidian now wont make the "no more moves" text appear on the next level.

- Finishing a level now wont make passives that fill level bar or special bar works. They should and this caused bugs...

- Now Matching in "+" form your tokens will generate a heart token!!!

- Selecting tokens screen now works better, They shouldnt overlap. 

- Also, doing a single click on a current token will make it return to its original place. So you now dont have to click and manually put them off of the slot they are putted to change to another token.

Version C:

- Fixed a fatal bug with one of the secret passives that crashed the game...


Match'fur 202 MB
Apr 07, 2021
Match'fur 0.1.9 202 MB
Apr 07, 2021
Match'fur 0.1.9 202 MB
Apr 07, 2021

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