Match'fur V 0.2.1

Change Log

- Added a new character!

- Added 2 new hazards...!

- Added a new biome!

- Added a new function to the expedition mode!!! Now you can "Save and quit"!!

- Changed how the "Extra live" works. Now its clickeable, but only if you have "no more moves" text on screen.

- Nerfed a little the secret passive named "Berry boys", now the chance of dropping is 15% instead of 20% and the berries recover 5 points instead of 10

- Bees now stacks! But yellow tokens are "immune" to "honey status"

- Nerfed Obrerto's ability, now the water won't fill his own special bar, but when the buff is off, the actual "High tide hazards" will be deactivated.

- Changed a little the description over the "expedition mode"

- Changed a little the description of the secret passive named "money makers"

Bug fixes:

- Now the passive named "Special bar experts" Will deactivate correctly the "Sielence hazard"

- Now the special ability of "M" wont give empty slots on the board after hitting non-character tokens. (The prob. of that was very low btw)


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Apr 11, 2021

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