Fur Food Contest DELUXE last beta!

The last beta of this game is here, after this I will take a quite long to do the next update, but it will have a lot of things to do.


- 15 playable cards

- 2 new characters

- A lot of "Info" for the info screen.

What's coming next in the first non-beta build?

* Cards will be manually selected to have 5 different cards to each character, and you will be able to use cards of the same type as your character two types.

* Food will be themed depending on which "game mode" you choose

* Characters will be unlockable again.

* Android APK builds.

* And much MUCH more. So, I hope you like this and support this project


Fur Food Contest Deluxe Last Beta.zip 40 MB
Mar 13, 2023

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I am not a fan of the new version. While I appreciate the game being changed to turn based, I believe modes for both turn-based and old system without turns could co-exsit together. I am also not a fan of being essentially forced to roll on with random character, and not the one you choose. Getting rid of whole statistics and other mechanics in general, was a huge waste at least in my eyes. Temperature of food and how much it actually fills you up was much more on theme with weight gain as a fetish, and generally closer to reality. I will continue supporting this game, but I do hope that temperature, kg/lbs weight display and choosing your own character do come back. Changing core to basically clicking what you want to get points from it, would be fine, if at least more things would get destroyed, if after you click, another 3 or more chain of food is created - The way it is implemented right now removes a lot of more complex thinking aspect of the game. Lastly, the icon - A burger icon suited the game's theme much more than the current one, at least in PC version (I have not yet checked out Android version of the game). I'm happy for this game becoming something more but I will personally stay on old v1.2 version. I wish you much luck with the project!


Just checked out what you've updated and modified, and I think it looks incredibly promising!

The new card system seems quite interesting, especially with how they seem to be tied to the attributes given to each character. I enjoy how unique many of them are, such as the ones that manipulate card cool downs, or the ones that have you sacrifice a turn to get a nice buff the next round for example. I'm excited to see what other cards you come up with in the future 

The fullness system is pretty neat too, especially with how it forces players to manage it in order to not lose turns. My only nitpick with it is that in its current form, it doesn't seem to do much other than to be a minor inconvenience to both the player and the AI, and doesn't really change up the gameplay all that much (I know this is a beta and it's a work in progress, I just want to give a heads up in case you're looking for feedback on this game mechanic. You've done awesome so far :3)

The way you have the info tab implemented right into the game is fantastic, I think it'll really be helpful for people who are learning how to play each character. Plus, it's incredibly convenient, especially with how it mentions which foods are ideal for your chosen character, so I think you did great with that too

The only other main nitpick I have (probably because this is still a beta) is the lack of an option to mute the music or the "nom nom nom" sound effect. Not a big deal or the likes, but I do think it could serve as a nice 'quality of life' feature

Over all, I really like what I'm seeing so far, and I think it's only going to get better as you add more to the game. The upcoming features you mentioned in the description sound really awesome too, and I think those will add lots of replayability 
So... nice work!